Twenty Three Layers – 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Party

There are few things more rewarding than entertaining friends and family. Here are a few tips to make your next get-together a success.


Organization is essential and will keep you sane. Use checklist, spreadsheets and apps to ensure you don’t miss any details and stay on schedule.


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the available options for menus, décor and entertainment, pick a theme and stick with it. When you see something adorable, but it doesn’t quite fit the theme, just earmark it for your next event. This makes making decisions quick and easy.


Printed invitations may be old school, but they set your event apart from all the other notifications that people are digitally bombarded with. Colorful and creative invitations are easy to produce and help create a festive mood.


Offer a cocktail buffet where guests mix their own favorite drinks and share recipes. This is a great way to break the ice.


A specialty cocktail and unique party favors, especially if they align with the theme, will impress your guests and help create cherished memories.


Plentiful hors d’oeuvres created from simple, yet mouth-watering, recipes will please any palate and appetite. Don’t feel restricted to a traditional meal, but do advise your guests how refreshments will be presented.


If children are expected, set up a special table with appropriate decorations, food, utensils and seating. Help parents relax by providing responsible supervision for their little ones.


Centerpieces, table decor and place settings don’t need to be complicated. Play with the event theme but don’t overdo it. Try to strike a balance between the food service and the decorations. One shouldn’t outshine the other.


Don’t try to do too much on the day of the event. Remember that if you can’t relax, your guests probably won’t either. Delegate small duties to helpers and give them back up plans.


For special events, a professional party planner, who can manage all the details for you, is the ideal way to entertain without disrupting your busy schedule. Twenty Three Layers, based in New York City, has the talent and resources to organize chic and elegant affairs. Contact us now to schedule a consultation.

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Investment In Brazil – A Brief Overview By Brazil’s Top Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Even after the troubled economic situation in the country, Brazilian banks were able to showcase considerable growth in the year 2014. It left many of the global economists confused and wondering as to how these banks made it possible. The two largest banks, namely Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco witnessed their stocks market capital growing by one-third in 2014, and this was no easy feat considering the economic situation of the rest of the country and the political turmoil the country was facing.

However, the reputed investment banker and Brazilian economy expert, Igor Cornelsen, said that the key to this achievement was that bank only offered credit to high net worth individuals and enterprises. It ensures risk reduction and the lenders get a sense of security for the future. And, even though the country’s economy is not in the best of state, the fact that it has a lot of growth potential on, is the best biggest country on the continent and world’s eighth largest economy, contributes to the global sentiment that all is not over for Brazil yet.

Igor Cornelsen has a couple of very easy tips for busy investors who are eyeing the Brazilian economy and market for investment. The first tip is to know and acknowledge that the country’s economy is powered by top ten banks, including Citibank Brazil, Banco Bradesco, HSBC, Unibanco, Banco Do Brazil, and others. Igor Cornelsen believes that the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister brings some hope for Brazil as he is expected to make economic reforms, otherwise not expected from populist Brazil’s government.

China is the biggest trading partner of Brazil and also the most dominant competitor regarding exports on Keeping a watch at where China exports and its business partners can help make a better investment and trading strategy for the future. The devaluation of the overvalued ‘Real’ is essential for the Brazil’s economy to get a competitive advantage when trading globally. It would reduce current account deficits and give a balance to the country’ economy at It would help attracting investors from across the globe as well.

Who is Josh Verne?

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience as a CEO of successful companies. In June of 1995, he became the President of Home Line Furniture based out of Philadelphia, PA. In 2011, he left Home Line to create with two of his friends where was CEO and President. is an employee voluntary benefit that offers zero-percent financing. When this company sold, Verne became a founder of


Josh Verne is currently CEO of FlockU which was started in April of 2015. This site is a network for college students to engage and interact with other college students. Due to Verne’s success, he was asked by Andrew Ferebee to participate in a podcast at entitled “How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business”.


The podcast begins with Verne giving Ferebee his most favorite success quote. Over the course of the podcast, Verne provides five important ideas about how to be successful. The first idea is to be a leader and not a boss when in a management position. Verne also encourages the listener to only agree to deals/situations where both parties come out feeling as winners. The third idea is for the listener to talk less and listen more which is a key component to success. Finally, Verne encourages the listener to figure out his/her passionate but to keep a balance in life.

Lori Senecal Career

Being the CEO of a major company like Global takes a lot of hard work. There are many people who look back and wonder how Lori Senecal started off from where she did and ended up as CEO. Her story is one of a lot of hard work and persistence. Many people today look up to the great success that she has had in a variety of areas. Not only does she help people in their own career, but she is also willing to take things to the next level in a variety of areas. Over time, she has proven to be a valuable commodity in business.

Early Education

An interview by NY Times reveals that from the time she was young, Lori Senecal was always focused on education. She worked hard while she was in school to get into a quality college that would help prepare her for the future. After all of her hard work, she was finally rewarded by getting into a great school. She focused intensely on her studies in business, and this helped her get out ahead of many people her same age. She worked a job while she was in school as well to learn about the business and to get work experience. If you want to learn from someone who has a lot of great experience in the field, she is the person to go to.

Lori Senecal

When Lori Senecal first became CEO of Global,, there were a lot of people who wondered aloud about whether she would be able to handle all of the responsibility. She has done a great job of helping others get to the next level in life. There are a lot of people who look up to her hard work and success. Not only that, but she is a great example of the type of person that Corporate America needs. Not only is she great at business, but she also spends a lot of time and money helping other people in her local community. This is something that a lot of people appreciate about her life and career. There are many people who look up to her for a variety of reasons. Not only did she build a great career in business, but she has helped many people throughout her life as well. Anyone who wants to learn from her great example has the opportunity to do so because she is so giving with her time.

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Mike Baur Proceeds To Show Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Many young entrepreneurs suffer a similar problem, which is lack of mentorship and the funding needed to steer their ideas forward. This issue has been around for many years and despite there being venture capitals, most of them don’t offer the solutions that are tailored to helping the young entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. This is the reason individuals like Mike Baur came up with a facility that is offering young entrepreneurs the best environment to implement their ideas and emerge leaders in their industry.


Through the Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur is working to see that young entrepreneurs receive professional mentorship and financial support to push their ideas forward. Founded in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory is an incubation facility that allows Swiss entrepreneurs to go through a three months incubation program, which equips them to face the market and to run their ideas to fruition. It has partnered with several universities across the country to offer better services and to allow entrepreneurs to enjoy better support while running their businesses.


Staffing and goal definition

Staffing is a vital part of running a business that should never be overlooked. Every entrepreneur should make sure they have the right staffing mechanisms to help the business to run seamlessly. This is one of the things the Swiss Startup Factory offers to allow entrepreneurs to manage their ideas better. They take the entrepreneurs through learning sessions that enable them to get the needed skills to manage staffing needs and to lead the business to attaining profitability. Additionally, the company also allows the entrepreneurs to define their goals and plans for the business, which makes it easy to transition into the future.


Analyzing customer needs

The customer is an important part of the business that cannot be assumed. While many entrepreneurs have good ideas, understanding how to present them before customers has always been a challenge among few individuals. The Swiss Startup Factory allows young entrepreneurs to understand the basics of presenting their ideas before the market and offering customers what they need.


Mike Baur

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and the individual behind the establishment of the Swiss Startup Factory, which is supporting IT startups across Switzerland. He joined the industry in 2014 after resigning from banking, where he had worked for nearly 20 years. Mike Baur is an MBA graduate of the Rochester University. He also pursued an Executive MBA at the University of Bern.



The Lung Institute: A New and More Effective Way Of Healing

The Lung Institute is an institution that has been working to specifically help those suffering from chronic lung disease in hopes that they can improve the overall quality of life of their patients. With high-quality customer service and innovative technology, they are being praised for the effective work they are doing. The Lung Institute are based in 6 locations including: Tampa, Florida, Scottsdale, Arizona, Dallas, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What makes the Lung Institute so unique according to Cedars-Sinai is that they have developed a stem cell therapy after seeing a lack of treatment for chronic illnesses. They noticed that other institutes were only providing temporary relief. The Stem Cell therapy has a protocol for the treatment of lung diseases with hopes of affecting more than just the symptoms, but providing treatment. Stem Cell Therapy uses autologous stem cells coming from the patient’s body. They carefully withdraw and separate the patient’s stem cells from their blood or bone marrow. After this process, they reintroduce the stem cells into the body where they go to the lungs. This promotes natural healing and inflammation reduction. Some of the lung diseases treated with stem cell therapy include: COPD, Chronic Bronchitis, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Pneumoconiosis, Emphysema, Interstitial Lung Disease, and Bronchiectasis.

Outside of treating lung diseases, The Lung Institute runs a blog that is dedicated to sharing valuable information to their patients that not only makes individuals more informed, but helps them to take preventive measures. The Institute discusses a wide-range of topics related to lung disease such as, the importance of air quality for individuals with lung disease, relaxation tips to prevent flare-ups, and oxygen saturation levels. See,

The Lung Institute cares about its patients as they believe in natural healing, which makes them one of the safest options. The Lung Institute is doing great things for their patients. They are continuously researching new ways to treat lung diseases and improve the lives of their many patients. For more information, visit the Lung Institute’s website.

A more detailed story on COPD and stem cell treatment can be found at


JeanMarie Guenot: An Unparalleled Accomplished Professional


The President Of Amphivena Therapeutics


JeanMarie Guenot is the president of the Francisco-based business Amphivena Therapeutics Inc ., an organization primarily based in San Francisco that produces immune system treatments for the cure of cancer. She has been a business manager for more than 20 years in public and private market sectors and is also engaged in business oriented improvement and task management for R&D. Through her organization, Guenot LLC, she provides dedicated assessment solutions like project management, licensing, mergers and acquisition, finance and alliance management services to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology companies.



JeanMarie Guenot is an accomplished business professional in the community of pharmaceutical drugs and has an unparalleled volume of expertise in constructing and restoring organizations. Her effectiveness speaks volumes about her eagerness to become the best in her field. JeanMarie Guenot has a considerable collection of achievements and this article should touch on a few of them.



Amphivena Therapeutics Inc


Founded in 2012, this San Francisco-based organization which raised around $9.7 million in 2015. Amphivena Therapeutics is designed to eliminate blood malignancies with a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the sufferer’s very own immune system to eradicate the growth of tumor cells. The business produces revolutionary immunotherapy solutions that focus on hematologic types of cancer and is powered by its vision of getting rid of blood cancers


Accomplished Performance Records


Before acquiring the position of being president, she worked with Hoffman-LaRoche in Shanghai and Basel as a business consultant. JeanMarie has also previously worked as a vice president of Corporate and Business Development, PDL BioPharma. It is during this time that she headed the acquisitions, licensing, and alliance management and mergers. She is what a person would take into consideration if they were looking for a very powerful, well achieved and zealous career woman, particularly in a male-oriented industry.  Read more about Jeanmarie Guenot’s medical mission and about her company in the article: Amphivena Therapeutics Achieves Development Milestones Under Agreement With Janssen


WEN By Chaz: No Foam, No Lather, But Seriously, Your Hair Doesn’t Need Any

Let’s look at some hair care facts. Many popular shampoos and conditioners smell divinely, produce tons of foaming sudsy action and can be both drugstore cheap and boutique expensive. These brands also usually contain some evil ingredients in their blends, namely the sulfate sisters, SLS – Sodium lauryl sulfate and SLES – Sodium laureth sulfate. These two nasty chemicals eventually strip everyone’s hair of their natural oils and weaken the hair in a damaging way.

Now, let’s examine the holistic alternative in Wen hair By Chaz. The pioneer of the no-poo method, offers customers on Sephora a relaxing and healthy way to cleanse and condition hair of any type and texture. These no lather shampoos have been developed into unique cleansing conditioners, featuring herbs and botanicals like glycerin, calendula, rosemary, chamomile and cherry bark. In addition, these formulas also smell heavenly, and the scents last for hours.

WEN hair care products will never contain damaging chemicals, let alone the harshness of the SLS and SLES family. These culprits merely produce big foam for cleansing, and according to Chaz Dean, you don’t need the lather, because it’s not providing much value in the long run. He should know; he’s been a well-respected celebrity stylist for a number of years now. Chaz Dean carefully developed his special no lather shampoo system, so women could have a healthy choice for maintaining gorgeous hair.

Ask any woman about her bad hair days, and you will learn plenty. None of us feel comfortable when our hair won’t behave, looks dull, stringy or flat. WEN By Chaz features soothing blends that gently moisturize, add body and softness, manageability and super shine. It’s economical, too, because one bottle of cleansing conditioner will shampoo, condition, de-tangle, deep condition and act as a stay-in conditioner.

WEN, really is a better way. More product information available on Wen Hair social media pages on and

Construcap: A Successful Brazilian Industry

Construcap, a company in Brazil, was established in 1944 and is one of the top ten successful companies in Brazil. The company provides many different industries and employees around 12,000 men and women. These industries include oil, gas, auto, mining, metals, and infrastructure. The idea of Construcap is based on technology and also the development of protecting the environment. The management of Construcap is deeply committed and respected by all employees and clients, which creates a successful business for the economy of Brazil. The Construcap Business Commitment provides all employees with proper working conditions and personal professionalism.

Along with providing adequate conditions for employees, and providing a facility that focusses on the environment, Construcap also has developed a social and educational program. The main goal of this program is to focus on communities, by providing educational activities and projects, which will help all clients be able to work together. The main concept of this program is geared to residents of communities to Construcap’s construction sites. Employee training also plays a huge factor in the success of Construcap. Construcap conducts an intern program on where all interns will be trained on culture and work related issues involving the business. A trainee program is also offered through the company, where candidates of the program will experience hands on work. The trainee candidate on will have a mentor available to help through out this process.

The Construcap business has been widely successful. It has provided many programs for employees, communities, and proper environmental friendly tactics. Construcap will also continue to grow, as the company is build upon a strong work atmosphere, including the wealth of the Brazil.

The Success Of Lime Crime as a Makeup Brand

Every once in a while, a new company or brand steps foot on the scene and causes hysteria. As of 2016, that company/brand is known as Lime Crime. Cosmetics come is a wide range of products and services. Lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, as well as eye liners all cluttered through this industry.

There are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market, but there is one that is reinventing the game. Lime started out as a small company of one. Company founder Doe Deere produced and modelled her very own products on EBay back in 2004. Thanks to the success it was getting made the young designer put her entire efforts into the brand and by 2008, this eclectic styled brand took off.

There are many reasons for the huge success of the products such as being certified vegan, being cruelty-free, and possessing hot new colors. This is no fluke by design, but much more a strategy that has taken the masses by storm. The Velvetine Lipsticks are the flagship model and they come in many cool color tones such as:

  • Wicked (deep red)
  • Pink Velvet (hot pink)
  • Black Velvet (Black)
  • Phantom (purple)
  • Lollipop (light pink)
  • Venom (ash gray)
  • And many more

This exclusive brand is changing the face of cosmetics from it’s progressive approach. Users now have a chance to express themselves unapologetically with these wild and vivid hues. Having such a huge social media presence helps as well which is another form of free advertisement. Let’s have a look at the product line below:

  • Blue Unicorn Lipstick
  • Carousel Gloss-Snowsicle
  • Opaque Lipstick
  • Highly Pigmented & Creme Nail
  • Liquid Eyeline
  • Eyeshadow Helper Prime

According to Beauty Bay, there are literally dozens to choose from and they all come in vividly unique colors. Lime Crime may not be the past, but it surely is the present and future of cosmetics.