Lloyd Grove Thinks Back on Being Tony Petrello’s College Roommate

Lloyd Grove is best known for his biting wit and nose for gossip, but recently he shared a trip down memory lane with the readers of his Daily Beast column entitled The Prince and the Pauper. Grove and Petrello were roommates at Harvard in the 1970s. Grove describes Petrello as a math genius who was expected by one professor to pursue a future in academia as a mathematician. Instead, Tony Petrello attended Yale law school and later, after a stint at a white-shoe New York City law firm, joined Nabors Industries.

Petrello first started at the firm in 1991 as the Chief Operating Officer, leaving the law firm of Baker & McKenzie to join this client of the firm. By 2011 Tony was leading the firm and under his successful guidance taking Nabors from one success to another. In 2014 Petrello was listed as the Associated Press’s highest paid executive for the year, with his annual salary clocking in at a whopping $68.2 million. Nabors Industries is one of the world’s largest oil and gas drilling companies.


When Lloyd Grove called Nabors Industries in the hopes that he may reconnect with his old Freshman year roommate, he was informed that, unsurprisingly, the business titan was not available. To his surprise, Lloyd soon received an email from his former college roommate stating that a large part of much success comes down to being good or being lucky. Mr. Petrello then commented that he has been very lucky in all of his business endeavors.

Julie Zuckerberg, the Vice President of Deutsche Bank With a Success Vision

Financial experts who are searching for work in the financial sector often contact Julie Zuckerberg to land them the right company. Julie Zuckerberg has worked in various firms holding the executive recruitment director title. At Deutsche Bank, Julie serves as an Executive Recruitment/Talent Leader and Vice President. Deutsche Bank is an investment bank that was founded in German in 1870, and to date, it has operations in more than 70 countries.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Work History

Julie graduated from Brooklyn College and New York Law School after successfully pursuing her philosophy and law degree respectively. Julie’s finance career began in 2002 as a Candidate Placement Manager at Hudson where she worked for five years. During her five-year tenure, she was able to successfully recruit paralegals, ancillary staff, attorneys, and case managers. Also, Zuckerberg ensured that all the tax and legal requirements were filed at Hudson.


In 2007, Julie Zuckerberg joined Citi Global Consumer Bank where she served as an Executive Recruiter in New York. This position helped Julie to gain more knowledge on hiring strategies, compensation trends, and techniques of retaining talent in firms. According to Zuckerberg, hiring the right talents is an art that yields better results and performance. After working at Citi Group, Julie moved on to New York Life Insurance Company where she worked alongside senior management to come up with business strategy plans and solutions.


In 2014, Julie Zuckerberg got a job at Deutsche Bank as an Executive Recruiter and later on was promoted to Vice President. Currently, she is in charge of the hiring process and ensures that the company’s recruitment management offers the best practices. Julie also heads the recruitment procedure for positions at an MD level and the negotiation process.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Accomplishments

Julie Zuckerberg has fifteen years experience in financial recruiting which she uses to improve the hiring, selection screening process at the Bank. At Deutsche Bank, Julie is in charge of coaching, training, and leading various recruiting teams strategic direction to yield higher results.


Julie researches on the leading or trending hiring practices in the bank industry to attract the best suitable candidates for competitive posts. Also, she conducts reviews on processes undertaken by companies for audit and quality purposes. Zuckerberg prefers to involve employees when conducting the hiring process to assist her to identify possible suitable candidates for positions in the financial industry.


Julie Zuckerberg’s Hobbies

When Julie is not working, she engages herself in other activities such as traveling, visiting art galleries, photography, home decor, cooking, and athletics. Julie loves food and frequently visits the best-rated restaurants in New York City. Zuckerberg also volunteers for programs that deal with animal welfare, human rights, economic empowerment and social issues.


Julie Zuckerberg is an exceptional recruitment leader with a track record of successfully leading recruitment teams. She has mastered the art of recruiting the right people which is a major component of the success of a company. Julie has empowered herself with skills and knowledge in the management, audit, legal, compliance and recruitment that enables her to execute her roles perfectly.




Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer RBS Group

The oil industry is booming in Brazil. Now is a great time to start investing for the future in order to make a difference in the lives of others. With all of the changes that are starting to take place in this area, Duda Melzer is excited for what he has planned for RBS Group. This is a huge oil company that is investing heavily into equipment in order to add value to their situation in the future. He knows that with more equipment and locations he can scale up the business and continue to increase profits over time. Not only that, but he is excited about the changes that are starting to take place.

Duda Melzer

From the time that he started in business for himself, Duda Melzer has helped a lot of people with the changes that are going on in the world of business. According to Acaert, he wants to make sure that other people are ready and willing to help them on a plan for the future. If you want to get involved in the oil industry, there is plenty of work to be done. A lot of people in his area really enjoy working with RBS Group because the pay is high and the benefits are good. With that combination, it only makes sense to work with this company on a plan for your life and future.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Duda Melzer is going to be excited about all of the changes that are starting to take place in this industry. Not only that, but he is working on a plan that will help him add value to others as well. If you want to build wealth at a high level, this is one of the things that you should learn from him on.

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Sam Tabar Is The Chief Operating Officer Of FullCycle Energy Fund

Sam Tabar, as the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund, will look after formulating the strategy of fund management for the company.

He is excited about this new position as he will get a chance to partner with the talented leadership team. The mission of the company is to move away from the expensive, polluting fuels towards the cheaper and environmentally sustainable ones.

His career spans seeing the budget strategy being made for several financial institutions. He has held important portfolios. He was working with Merrill Lynch as their Head of Capital Strategy.

He was guiding fund managers towards institutional investments that include endowments and foundations besides, pensions as well as family offices. In addition, he can be consulted on areas like operations too as he has experience on both back-end as well as front-end office teams.

Previously he was working for Sparx Group as their Co-Head for Marketing. This is Asia Pacific’s biggest independent fund. He was managing all its facets as being a part of its marketing effort. Learn more about Sam Tabar: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0845880/

According to Bloomberg, Sam Tabar has financial management as well as attorney experience. He has worked as an attorney. This was with Skadden, Arps, Meagher, Slate & Flom. He has also worked as an attorney for Schulte, Roth & Zabel. Sam Tabar holds a Master’s degree in Law. This is from Columbia Law School.

He has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Oxford University. Sam Tabar has been the Editor of the Columbia Business Law Journal. Currently, he is with the New York State Bar as a member too.

Tabar is also private venture capitalist. He has invested in Tribute and SheThinx. This is a company involved in female hygiene. They wish to empowering women all across the world. Hence he has experience in varied fields. This includes legal, finance and so on. Besides, his hobbies include traveling and organizing events.

This indicates the kind of versatile experience he has in the front-end as well as back-end operations. This makes him a perfect choice as the COO of FullCycle Energy Fund as he can understand all the facets of the business well.

UKV PLC Wines: Experts In Wine And Champagne Selection

Wine selection is a daunting task especially for people without the skills of wine tasting. If you are like most people and lack the ability to choose a great wine, you need the services of UKV PLC. They are a team of professionals with experience and knowledge in wines and champagne.

UKV PLC specializes in the acquisition and sale of the world luxurious wines. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and that is they strive to offer an exceptional level of service.

Whether you want a Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italian wines or Champagne, the Company will provide you with a range of options.

Most of their clients look for wines for luxurious reasons. However, there are those that look for wine collections for financial gains. Regardless of the reason why you need the wines, the UKV PLC Company will help to select and acquire the best wines. The Company offers free consultations to guide you in your selection.

UKV PLC is an independent Company. They have a partnership with a large network of merchants and brokers.

They offer brokerage services if you want to collect and sell the wines. You can choose from three different options:

UKV PLC can list your wine on their stock list with the minimum price based on market rates. The wines will be sold on a 10% commission to new clients and 2.5% of the existing clients.
The company will obtain an independent valuation of the wine and provide an unbiased market rate.

The third option is where the Company buys the wine from you on the market rate. The wines will be evaluated before they can be bought.

The Company offers a free valuation service for your wine collection. They also have storage services for your wine in London Warehouse.

Marketing Strategy for EOS

EOS Lip Balm (evolutionofsmooth.ca) is by far one of the very well respected uniquely shaped lip balms the can give you that perfect look. It’s what you’ve always wanted to try and can give you those perfect shiny lips giving it that extra push it needs to stay healthy. In the world of how well this company has done over the years, you will come to find that EOS lip balm has used a very powerful strategy to get the business to become what it is today.

EOS started off as a simple idea by three product creators. All of them had worked on startups and other businesses before, but they wanted to get a piece of the beauty market knowing that there was millions and even billions in this one single industry. They have found that the company has become such a huge success because of how well they watered their business in a market that originally did not care about quality ingredients. EOS offers their customers with organic ingredients that are healthy to the lips. With these SPF options, they can help protect lips from the sun.

EOS Lip Balm is by far one of the best in the world today for all kinds of reasons. Their marketing strategy was made known when they had famous beauty bloggers join forces with the company after getting into Walgreens and Target stores nationwide. They created such a successful and huge buzz after just a short while that countless people started hearing about the company after just a short period. The success proved that EOS was indeed getting social growth and development via word of mouth, and today the brand continues to shine in all sorts of ways online (https://www.amazon.com/Organic-Smooth-Strawberry-Passion-Honeydew/dp/B009QTDYYA) and throughout different media and marketing. Grab an EOS Lip Balm and experience why they are the best out there.

How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Serve Customers?

Nationwide Title Clearing has an incredible online system that may be used by may any customer when they wish to order a cleared title. The company ensures that all customers have their services completed as soon as possible, and they customer will have a cleared title they may use for any number of purposes. There are many real estate agents and customers who must contact the company for help, and they will have a full report sent back with the title they receive.


#1: How ARe Titles Cleared?


Titles are cleared using a simple process that is begun in the records office where the title is held. The people who are checking on titles will look at how the title is written, and they will check to ensure it is correct. They must look for discrepancies that are a problem, and they will ask to have those corrected as soon as possible. They will ensure that they have a number of different things that they check, and they will use the supporting documents they were given when the title must be changed.


#2: Who Needs The Title Changed?


The title must be changed for an owner who does not have the proper name listed on the title, and it may be changed by the owner when they notice that there are mistakes on it. There are many different people who must ensure they have altered the document to line u with their current name or information. There may be titles that are not listed properly, and they must be changed to ensure they will read well when they are presented to the lawyer.


#3: How Long Will The Order Take To Process?


Orders are processed in a matter of a few days. Nationwide will ensure that a report is completed to accompany all orders, and they will show how the title will change to help the customer understand why the title was changed to begin with. This is often a point of contention, and it must be understood before the customer may go on to close their real estate deal.


Everyone who needs to clear a title must contact Nationwide today for help. They will find it easy for them to close the order, and a copy of the title will come in with the report. Every Cleared title will make way for a new real estate deal to close.


Securus Technologies a Leading public Safety Service Provider receives Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is an American company with its headquarters in Dallas Texas. Securus seeks to provide services that improve civil and criminal processes through technology. Securus Technologies has been recognized for its exceptional work in promoting peace in prisons and have received the Stevie Awards. The award has proved that the services this firm has offered have been outstanding and the company will continue doing all it can to make the world safe for everyone.

Securus renders its services to over 1.2 million inmates all over America. The technology that Securus employs in providing public safety is user-friendly. Law enforcement agencies and private security firms in the US depend on Securus for technology that helps them manage their security jobs effectively. The aim that Securus Technologies has is to improve public safety and reduce criminal activities altogether by embracing technology as a tool.

Securus was launched in 1986, and for more than three decades it has remained committed to providing clients with the most sophisticated software solutions. The company has remained outstanding and the best in offering corrections services. The company disburses information to many correctional institutes, and this makes the world a safe place for people. The firm has invested a lot of money on research and development of technology that will make prisons safer and more efficient to inmates. Securus technology offers the most excellent investigation services through technology, criminal justice and monitoring solutions to both public and private entities.

Securus Technologies has remained focused to improve life for inmates, while they are in prison because this is the only way that can be used to make them better when they end their jail term. Securus has done a lot in improving health care for inmates, improved their learning opportunities, and has also created more jobs for inmates that help them become good citizens after leaving prison. Securus Technologies have developed products that help prisoners to communicate with their families. All the products that the firm is developing are aimed at making sure criminal activities are ultimately reduced.


Freedom Fighter, Thor Halvorssen

Originally from Venezuela, Thor Halvorssen was born in March, 1976, and received part of his education in America, at the University of Pennsylvania. With both an undergraduate and graduate degree in History and Political Science, he was also Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude. As president of Human Rights Foundation, Thor is highly active in worldwide freedom and human rights.

With a troubled, violent yet wealthy past, Thor was related to:

  • Øystein Halvorssen, the Norwegian king’s consul (grandfather);
  • Thor Halvorssen Hellum, a Venezuelan ambassador (father); and
  • Hilda Mendoza Denham, a child phycologist, was shot and wounded while attending a peaceful protest (mother).

Mr. Hellum was wrongfully imprisoned, tortured and beaten before his eventual release in 1993 and Thor played a significant role in his father’s full redemption. That was the beginning of Thor’s evolvement to become a formidable human rights activist.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF), a non-profit organization was founded by Thor Halvorssen in 2005. Currently residing in the well-known Empire State Building in New York, HRF touts the admirable mission statement of ensuring “that freedom is both preserved and promoted.”

HRF is involved in several programs including:

  • Another organization founded by Thor, Oslo Freedom Forum. In May, 2017 this annual conference event will convene for the ninth time in Oslo, Norway to not only share stories but to work towards methods to further expand freedom.
  • Disrupt North Korea operates under the belief that through education and the sharing of information, North Korean people living under the strong thumb of the Kim family dynasty, will rise and protest. One of the methods used the spread the word is Flash Drives for Freedom, where flash drives are filled with painfully honest information about North Korean life and spread across the United States to encourage the nation to help fight against Kim’s dictatorship. They will accept both financial donations and donations of flash drives.
  • Center for Law and Democracy, which uses HRF’s legal resources to increase the protection of our freedom of expression.Thor is also an author, film producer and orator.

Cancer Research

Clay Siegall is a great person in the world of healthcare. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about others that he is interacting with. There are a lot of advances in technology for healthcare, and he is working to try and invest in whatever areas that he can. Not only that, but he truly cares about the lives of people who he is working with. If you are ready to start investing in the future, Clay Siegall is the type of person to model yourself after. Cancer research is a passion of his, and he is doing a lot of great work in this area. Not only that, but he is laying the foundation for the people who are going to come after him so that they can build on his success.

Clay Siegall

From the time he was young, Dr. Siegall has always been about helping others in a variety of ways. There are many people who are excited about the changes that he is making to his business. If you want to make a difference in your industry, following the principles that Clay Siegall is important. No matter what, he always works on the most important thing each day. This is different than the approach that a lot of people take. Many people spend most of their time on things that do not add value to their business or to society as a whole. Instead of taking this approach, you should start to invest in areas that are going to add value over time. For Clay Siegall, this is getting the finances of his research company to where they need to be.

Future Plans

With the foundation that has been laid, Clay Siegall understands the positive impact that he can make on the world. If you are ready to start investing in the lives of others, Clay Siegall is a great resource to go to. He has done a great job of developing cancer research ideas that will be used for many years after he gets out of the industry. This is an exciting field to be in right now.