The Worldwide Anticipation for Lovaganza 2020 Builds as Official Dates are Announced

The excitement in the air all around the globe is almost tangible, as Lovaganza 2020 has been officially announced. Beginning in May of 2020 until September of that same year a force of peace, unity, harmony and good times will converge in the form of this momentous celebration. It may be a few years off, but the momentum is building and now that the dates have been officially announced on Instagram people from all corners of the planet are preparing for events that will be quite unlike anything that has ever taken place up until now.

The original plans were for Lovaganza to take place in 2015. It has been pushed back to 2020, however the change of dates is not because of any mishaps or scheduling conflicts; Lovaganza has been scheduled at the later date in order to make the event even better than it was originally intended to be. The slight delay will allow the integration of new entertainment technologies that will surely amaze and delight all who participate in Lovaganza 2020. The extra time that has been given to the project will help to make this planet-encompassing event to include new concepts and to make the entire celebration all that much more memorable.

Celebrating the Various Cultures from all over the World

Concerts, art exhibits and festivals are all about helping people come together to have fun. Lovaganza 2020 takes this concept to a whole new level. Instead of focusing on just one aspect of the cultures of the world, however, this event will provide a blended experience that will include everything from custom made motion pictures to some of the most breathtaking art that has ever been displayed. The foundation of Lovaganza has always been unity. By helping people come together in an atmosphere that is open, celebratory and focused on harmony between people despite the differences that exist Lovaganza 2020 may well prove to be the most significant celebration to have ever taken place.

Lovaganza 2020 will leave a Lasting Impression all over the world

From the movies and music to plenty of new entertainment experiences, those who attend one of the Lovaganza events (there are locations for events planned in various countries around the globe) will surely experience something that is unlike anything they have ever enjoyed in the past. The event is being brought to us all by the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. This organization is dedicated to helping to make a positive impact on the people of this world and dedicates resources to exposing and assisting important humanitarian causes.

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Securus Technologies Is Bringing Prison Inmates Into The Digital Age

As I read a recent press release about Securus Technologies adding inmate forms to its ConnectUs platform, I’m surprised that corrections facilities were still using paper forms. Correctional officers should be keeping prisons safe, not distributing and collecting inmate requests, however, I do realize that prisons cannot buy just any off-the-shelf system; security is extremely important and Securus Technologies is committed to providing inmate self-service solutions that control what inmates can access. I also pleased that fewer trees will be cut down now as less paper is needed, and prisons use a lot of paper each day to process inmate requests.


The new digital inmate bulletin board also sounds encouraging; inmates won’t have to rely on guards to pass along important information, which should give them a feeling of control in a setting where they have so little control over their lives.

Securus is continually adding new, innovative products; the company recently acquired JPay Inc., a company that offers state prison inmates email, electronic payments and educational apps. Inmates have tablets, which will help them adjust to a technology-based world once they are released. JPay will continue to operate as it always has, while drawing on the resources and reach of Securus. I never thought about inmates having email before, however, it’s an ideal way for children to keep in touch with an incarcerated parent without subjecting them to a prison visit. They can email mom or dad just like their friends use email to keep in touch with parents who are away on a business trip.

Watch more examples of Securus Technologies innovative communication solutions for correctional facilities on Vimeo. It’s heartwarming to see parents in prison stay connected to their children.

Natural Lip Balms Soothe Dry Lipd

Would you go out to face the world on a hot day without a sunscreen? Well, millions of people are going outdoors in all kinds of weather without lip protection. Those without natural lip protection will develop chapped and dry lips. Health officials to beauty gurus believe that every man or woman should wear a natural lip balm on the sensitive lip area to protect the thin skin on the lips. However, many manufacturers are going a step further in the lip balm evolution. They are creating lip balms with very natural ingredients.
Natural Lip Balms

Lip balms are more than just a sunscreen for the lips. Lip balms contain soothing and healing ingredients that are designed to moisturize and nourish the lips. Modern day lip balms are able to transform damaged lips into beautiful lips after only a few uses. Natural lip balms are purely organic like products that might include ingredients like beeswax, coconut, almond, shea butter, cocoa, or mango. Those ingredients are very moisturizing and seem almost good enough to eat. Evolution Of Smooth (eos) is one lip balm manufacturer that includes many of those natural ingredients in their popular lip balm that are available across the country in local shops or online through and on

Evolution Of Smooth
EOS is a company that provides beauty products that include very natural ingredients. One of their best selling products is their lip balm. The lip balm is packaged in a very striking oval shaped container. The company was founded back in 2006. The Evolution Of Smooth sells their products across the United States and Canada.

Consumers love the eos products because they are high quality products that are very well manufactured and packaged. Their products are packed with all the natural ingredients that are known to moisturize and nourish dry chapped lips.

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