Fabletics Collaboration with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Fabletics was established in July of 2013. It officially launched October 1st of the very same year with Adam Goldenberg, Don Ressler, and actress Kate Hudson heading the company. The brand featured women’s athletic wear at its start. Today the company has expanded to include swimwear, dresses, and a men’s active wear line, launched by Oliver Hudson. The year 2015 brought about Fabletics first brick and mortar locations throughout the United States. There are locations in New Jersey, Cincinnati, and Saint Louis.

Kate Hudson established the business with the hope of creating a brand on fabletics.com that would stand to build a community to help women live a fit life and to achieve their every passion in life. As the business has grown, so has their customer base and need to reach others in the healthcare community. As of 2016, Kate Hudson has teamed up with the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer charity as a brand ambassador. The Fashion Targets Breast Cancer organization was established in 1996 by Ralph Lauren. In 2011 the foundation collaborated with the New York Company Trust. Together the organizations collaboration was the birth of a grant making program aimed at breast cancer screening, treatment, and survival. The organization is dedicated to strengthening the influence of fashion in the global economy through FTBC at http://thekrazycouponlady.com/tips/style/fabletics-review-need-read/. To date it has provided more than $55 million in the support of low income and immigrant women affected by cancer. Along with providing support for breast cancer patients, the foundation also supports HIV/Aids initiatives and disaster relief. The organization has received support from numerous designers, and photographers. Kate Hudson joins the likes of Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova, in representing the brand to the world.

As a designer and health enthusiast, Kate Hudson has created a exclusive Fabletics collection not only to support the organization, but the cause as well. On being a brand ambassador, Kate Hudson notes that in life many people are affected by breast cancer. Weather it has touched a family member, good friend, or an individual, she notes although scary it is a part of everyone’s life. The exclusive Fabletics collection she has created features two tanks, a bralette, and capri leggings. Each design is a unique, deep, versatile shade of pink. Going forward with the collection she hopes the line makes women feel good about themselves when they put it on, as well as makes them want to support the cause. The collection debuted on September 28th 2016, on National Women’s Health and Fitness Day, and has had rave reviews within the fashion community since.

Norka Luque: A Latin Musician Ready to Change the World through Music

Every day, all over the world, millions of people are faced with difficult situations. The way we carry out ourselves during such trying times determines how fulfilling our lives will be. Sometimes, an inspiration from someone is all we need to cope with such difficulties. The Venezuelan songbird, Norka Luque has been using her international fame to encourage people to stay strong regardless of the situations they are going through.

About Norka Luque

Norka Luque was born in 1986 in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital city. She discovered her deep love for music when she was in high school. Since then, she knew that she wanted to do more than just sing. She wanted to use her talent to change the world. Her songs are inspirational motivational and full of hope.

Norka Luque had supportive parents who gave all the support she needed. They paid for her instrument and dance classes. After completing her early education, she traveled to France to pursue early education.

Her Time in France

Norka enrolled in a French business school where she studied Business Administration. After four years, Norka Martinez Luque graduated with degrees in marketing, fashion, and culinary arts. While abroad, she tried out her musical talent by performing in different French night clubs. She also had the chance to join a Rock Band by the name Bad Moon Rising. Her time with the band acted as a learning experience; it prepared her for her current career as a soloist.

After graduating from the French business school, she moved to the small city-state of Monaco. Here she landed a banking position. She dedicated some time in the banking career before realizing that she was in the wrong profession.

Relocating to the United States

Norka Luque left France for the United States, a move to follow her musical ambitions. She settled in Miami, Florida (Fort Lauderdale). Here she started performing in different night clubs. Before long, South Beach club-goers fell in love with her unique voice. Her movement around South Beach got her to meet Emilio Estefan, a highly respected producer in the Latin music community.

Norka Luque’s first single, “Como Lo Haces Tu” premiered in 2011. This hit was written by the talented songwriter, Archie Peña. “Como Lo Haces Tu” was such as huge tune that it landed Norka Luque a nomination for the Female Pop Artist of the Year at the Lo Nuestro Awards.

Her follow-up single came out not long after in 2012. This single was called “Milagro” or Miracle in English. This track was released in different versions all of which were successful. Her latest work is “Tomorrowland.” This awesome track is steadily climbing the Latin Billboard Charts.

Today, Norka Luque is recognized internationally and has won several awards. She performs in pop, Latin, urban and dance genres. Follow Norka Luque on Facebook to learn more about her work.

Norka @Twitter: NorkaLuque

Classdojo Development Team’s Upgrade to Education receiving Warm Reception


ClassDojo is an education technology application that was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The main reason why the two founders decided to start the application is to initiate ground-up changes in education.


Before they started developing the application, they collected views from teachers and parents concerning the issues they felt were left out by the regular school system. They used the observations to develop ClassDojo. As a result, ClassDojo’s functions have impressed both parents and teachers by allowing them to work together in enhancing a child’s learning.


The main reason why ClassDojo is widely accepted is because it improves the learning process. Teachers and parents can use the application to communicate on important issues concerning a student. The parents are able to keep updated on how their children are faring at school. Unlike in the past, a parent does not have to wait until his or her child is at home to know how school was. Messages sent through the application can be translated into any language.


The ClassDojo development team has been working to make more improvements by adding features that suit the needs of parents, teachers, and students. To sum up, on their effort, Chaudhary and Liam have been soliciting for funds from venture capitalists.


In a recent venture funding, they managed to raise $21million. The round of venture funding was headed by General Catalyst, one of the ClassDojo’s ventures capitalists. New investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital joined to support the development of the education technology application.


Hemant Taneja, a senior executive in General Catalyst, disclosed that they were excited by the work that the ClassDojo team was doing. In less than ten years, ClassDojo had grown from an application that was used to build student character to a communication platform that connected parents to the school creating a community working to improve student’s performance.


Taneja further confirmed that the funds they had raised could be used to develop ClassDojo into a social network which served the education sector. Other important features that could be added to the application include those that will enable parents to pay tuition fees and purchase educational materials in the form of a download.


Chaudhary and Liam said that they were working to outdo other educational technology applications from their rivals like Nearpod, Kickboard, and Remind. Already, ClassDojo is the leading application that is downloaded and used in most schools. In the United States, two of every three schools are reported to use the application.


Tips For Strengthening Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is basically the resume you hold and shows how dependable you are. Most businesses that have mastered the art of managing their online reputation have emerged with victory since this is a field that is complex and driven by many factors.

If you have not Googled your business recently, you need to try once since many customers before buying online go through the same process and the kind of mentions they view about a business is what directs them to make a decision on whether to make a deal or not. In most cases, when the reputation is tainted a business will struggle making any sales online and this is a costly affair that may take a long period before the business gets back. According to Onlinereputationreviews.com, to keep your online reputation strong, there are basic things you need to understand and keep them in mind.

Respond to queries immediately

One of the ways a business can manage online reputation is to ensure all the queries posted by potential customers are tackled without delays. The feedback should also offer in-depth details about the question and should attempt to clear some of the things the customer could be struggling to understand. Such a strategy makes the customer to feel valued and offers a friendly approach to tackling the problem.

Develop a content strategy

A Fox News online publication shows that posting content is one of the strategies one can apply to push for better reputation. It should not be about marketing the business all the time, but some content that seeks to explain some things to customers draws them closer and shields the business from negative mentions.

It does not have to be about marketing every time. You can do an article that explains some concepts then inject very little marketing in it since most people don’t find content that generally promotes a product impressive.

Finally, ensure you manage all complaints that are submitted by customers because failure to respond makes them believe you are not concerned about catering for their needs. This way, you will have easy time getting your business to the top.


Lime Crime The Vision Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
In 2008 a new and exciting cosmetics company was launched, Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere because she was unable to find makeup in bright enough colors to match the clothes she was designing and already selling on Ebay. Starting with what she called Unicorn Lipsticks, Lime Crime became the first cosmetic company to offer radical lip colors to the cosmetics industry.

By 2012 Lime Crime had introduced Velvetines, the liquid to matte lipstick trend that has become very popular with their loyal customers. Doe believes cosmetics should do much more than simply cover imperfections but are a form of freedom and self-expression.

For Doe Deere, it’s about what feels good at the moment not about looking natural or what might look good. Deciding traditional cosmetic companies were not being true to the color she decided to introduce her own cosmetics line.

All Lime Crime cosmetics are cruelty-free, now meeting Vegan standards since 2012 to create lipstick, eye shadows and nail polish that is highly pigmented to create bold and vibrant colors. Lime Crime goes to the extreme to achieve their goal of 100% vegan ingredients, including using synthetic beeswax.

Starting small, with her Ebay clothing line, she soon achieved great success and realized to complete the look she was promoting she would have to make her own lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. Referring to her customers as Unicorns, every product she develops is with them in mind, in fact, she relies heavily on her Unicorns for inspiration. Being the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime she oversees the product development of any new product.

Born in Russia and raised in New York Doe now lives in Los Angeles where Lime Crime is headquartered. Enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology with the intent of studying fashion design and illustration she decided to drop out early and pursue her dream of creating her own clothing line. Being a one person operation she even modeled her own creations.

Along with being a very successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere is an avid supporter of women who want to be in business for themselves. Frequently speaking to women’s groups, she encourages women to find their own voice and pursue their ambitions. She enjoys being a mentor to aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to seek her advice on her Instagram account.

She is very excited about the trend of women buying cosmetics online. Advised when she first started her business, women would not buy lipstick without trying it on, Lime Crime is one of the first cosmetic companies to rely on e-commerce. Doe felt the key to prompting women to buy cosmetics online was how the product was presented. She was the first to show her lipstick colors on actual lips rather on a color swatch, today this has become the industry standard. Lime Crime continues to innovate new ways to make the best interactive shopping experience for makeup lovers around the world.

Doe believes you should always trust your gut, having a lot of information is not always the answer if your gut feeling is strong enough go forward.

Large Payout Shows The Benefits Of Labaton Sucharow’s SEC Whistleblower Program

The SEC Whistleblower program has been looking to bring increased success to the prosecution of those who are found to be breaking the rules and regulations of the SEC on the financial markets. The latest success being celebrated by the SEC Whistleblower attorney program of Labaton Sucharow is a $17 million payout for an individual who provided information leading to heavy fines levied against a company; the SEC Whistleblower program provides between 10 and 30 percent of any fines for whistleblowers who play a major role in the prosecution of financial irregularities. Learn more here.

Over the course of the last six years the SEC Whistleblower lawyer Jordan A. Thomas has assembled an impressive team to assist with his leadership of the cases brought to him by whistleblowers. Mr. Thomas finds himself at an advantage over his fellow attorneys as he was an author of the Frank-Dodd Act that laid down the basis of the SEC Whistleblower program, and established the $400 million fund used to pay monetary rewards for each whistleblower. The fund is just a small part of the framework Jordan A. Thomas helped create for the SEC Whistleblower program that also ensures each individual has their employment and identity protected for the future.

The $17 million payout for an individual the Labaton Sucharow law firm represents is the second largest in the history of the program, which shows just how effective the law firm is at working within the SEC Whistleblower program. Jordan A. Thomas and his team have been working to make sure they are aware of every aspect of the whistleblower program, including the ability of the law firm to make sure each and every individual has the chance to remain anonymous during their time in the program; the team has already worked on a case where a whistleblower was identified and victimized by their employer.

Unlike many of their contemporaries the team at Labaton Sucharow are interested in protecting the future of each individual whistleblower, which means they are willing to examine every case in detail before making a decision about moving on to the next steps of entering the SEC Whistleblower program.