The Success Of Lime Crime as a Makeup Brand

Every once in a while, a new company or brand steps foot on the scene and causes hysteria. As of 2016, that company/brand is known as Lime Crime. Cosmetics come is a wide range of products and services. Lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, as well as eye liners all cluttered through this industry.

There are hundreds if not thousands of products on the market, but there is one that is reinventing the game. Lime started out as a small company of one. Company founder Doe Deere produced and modelled her very own products on EBay back in 2004. Thanks to the success it was getting made the young designer put her entire efforts into the brand and by 2008, this eclectic styled brand took off.

There are many reasons for the huge success of the products such as being certified vegan, being cruelty-free, and possessing hot new colors. This is no fluke by design, but much more a strategy that has taken the masses by storm. The Velvetine Lipsticks are the flagship model and they come in many cool color tones such as:

  • Wicked (deep red)
  • Pink Velvet (hot pink)
  • Black Velvet (Black)
  • Phantom (purple)
  • Lollipop (light pink)
  • Venom (ash gray)
  • And many more

This exclusive brand is changing the face of cosmetics from it’s progressive approach. Users now have a chance to express themselves unapologetically with these wild and vivid hues. Having such a huge social media presence helps as well which is another form of free advertisement. Let’s have a look at the product line below:

  • Blue Unicorn Lipstick
  • Carousel Gloss-Snowsicle
  • Opaque Lipstick
  • Highly Pigmented & Creme Nail
  • Liquid Eyeline
  • Eyeshadow Helper Prime

According to Beauty Bay, there are literally dozens to choose from and they all come in vividly unique colors. Lime Crime may not be the past, but it surely is the present and future of cosmetics.

A More Confident You

The right hair care regimen can make for a more confident you, so if you’re looking for ways to have better, healthier hair, look no further. Below are a few things you can do to keep your hair looking healthy and vibrant.

Your scalps natural oils is the best conditioner you could use to keep your hair looking healthy. Massage your scalp with a wooden bristle brush. (Some brushes you could use are Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush and Agave Natural Bamboo Paddle Brush.) This stimulates your scalp causing circulation and hair growth. Then, brush your hair from root to ends to add a natural shine to your hair.

Heat can cause more damage to your hair than most hair products on the market. When straightening, curling or blow-drying your hair, use a heat protectant such as TRESemme Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray, CHI Iron Guard Thermal Protection Spray, and Art Naturals Argan Oil Thermal Shield.

Wen hair care by Chaz Dean is one of the most popular hair care products line. It has anything from conditioner to oil treatments. They even carry children’s, pet’s, and men’s hair products to provide everyone in the family with healthy hair.

Wen hair by Chaz has many products to repair and strengthen your hair. If you’re looking to restore strength to your hair, some products you could use are WEN SIXTHIRTEEN Daily Cleansing Treatment, Fig Cleansing Conditioner, and Mandarin Italian Fig Cleansing Conditioner. They also provide a few gluten-free products for people with wheat sensitivity! You can purchase their products straight from their website or beauty stores such as Sephora and Ulta Beauty.

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Capitol Anesthesiology Association Reaches Families in Need

Capitol Anesthesiology Association (CAA) is a dedicated group of anesthesiologists based in Austin, Texas. Their services include general, regional, and local anesthesia as well as MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care). Where CAA thrives however, is in specialty anesthesia applications such as pediatric, obstetric, and cardiovascular/thoracic anesthesia. Their quality-focused, team approach ensure a safe and comfortable anesthesia experience. There are over 130 CRNAs and over 80 board certified physicians at CAA, providing a breadth of knowledge and skill for all anesthesia needs.

Recently, the CAA was proud to have the opportunity to donate the services of two of its members, Dr. Erik Pronske, MD, and Cathy Zaremba, CRNA at the Dell Children’s Medical Center. They joined Dr. Corrie Roehm to perform a cochlear implant surgery for a child whose family was planning for the surgery but abruptly changed course with a parent’s cancer diagnosis. This is one example of many where the CAA reaches out to donate time and skills to underserved areas at home and around the globe.

Securus Video Call Feature Creates a Happy Holiday

Securus Technologies is famous for its excellent services. The company has advanced its services to video visitation program. One benefit of using the video visitation program is that the website itself is secure. You can feel safe every day that unauthorized personnel does not monitor your calls. When you finally decide to enlist the company’s services, you will realize its several benefits.


If you think that Securus can work for you, then you should begin using its services. Having used the company services, I can say that it is flawless and offers nothing but great success. I can recommend Securus to anyone that is interest to connect with the family and friends. People in correction facilities should highly benefit from the company’s services. Individuals with a family member behind bars always feel incomplete. However, the latest technology system advanced by Securus makes communication possible. You can now enjoy a significant occasion like Christmas with your family.


Securus is now an open prison because of the video visitation program. The video is a great option for people away from home and find it impossible to spend time with their family during Christmas. With the video visitation program, you can be with your family and talk to them. Due to the latest communication system, everyone can have a memorable Christmas moment. You can always be part of the critical moments that matter for you and your family.


The nature of services availed by Securus is perfect for the well-being of prisoners. According to past studies, inmates that have a close relationship with their loved ones are more likely to keep out of jail. Video call feature provided by Securus makes family union possible. Inmates can interact with their loved on other special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. No one will ever regret because a particular moment was missed. It is important that children maintain a relationship with their imprisoned parents. The video visitation program is good for the society as a whole.


Securus Technologies is an excellent company. It has managed to become one of the most successful companies to create the video visitation software. Many people find the company when they want to shift to a suitable virtual visitation program. The visitation program provides an excellent flexibility. It gives people convenience to visit inmates without leaving their homes. It is certain that the video visitation technology will bring joy and excitement. Inmates and family members can enjoy a beautiful moment together.

Adam Goldenberg On Why JustFab Became TechStyle Fashion Group

Adam Goldenberg recently appeared on CNBC to discuss a change to his company, JustFab. The company was rebranded as TechStyle Fashion Group just this last year, a move that Goldenberg and his co-CEO Don Ressler made because of how he perceives the fashion shopping model is changing. Goldenberg’s company has opened physical retail stores and plans to open more in the future, so shopping in outlet malls is not likely to change. But online branding is something that spurred the popularity of JustFab, and big data analysis in running the company’s inventory has become a mainstay, that Adam Goldenberg and Ressler decided to name the company TechStyle Fashion Group as a signature of what happens when technology meets fashion shopping.

Adam Goldenberg has always been a man who has used technology and marketing to his advantage, starting his first company when he was only 15 years old called Gamer’s Alliance. This company became quite a phenomena, and digital media agency Intermix Media decided to buy it and hire Goldenberg on their technical team. Adam Goldenberg had just barely completed high school when he went to work for Intermix Media, and at only 20 years old he became the company’s chief operating officer. While there, he also met the founder of, Don Ressler who would become Goldenberg’s friend and primary business partner.

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Goldenberg and Ressler began experimenting with various brands and e-commerce business ideas while still at Intermix Media, and they came up with the idea to launch Alena, an e-commerce store that became a hit when MySpace was founded. But in 2005, News Corp took over Intermix Media and Alena went by the wayside. Unhappy with the new management, Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the MySpace parent company. In 2006, they founded Intelligent Beauty through which they started several health and beauty product brands.

Adam Goldenberg and Ressler decided to become fashion salesmen in 2010 when the idea for JustFab started taking off. It began with some ideas from friends of theirs in the fashion industry, and soon evolved to hosting functions and other meetings. But the idea to run a VIP member company along with affordable merchandise also resonated well with celebrities such as Kimora Lee Simmons, and later actress Kate Hudson who has become the face of subsidiary Fabletics. As of today, JustFab has become fully independent of venture capital funding and is also valuated at over $1 billion.

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Ricardo Tosto

Delcídio Amaral negotiated the silence of Nestor Cerveró with lawyer Edson Ribeiro, arrested this morning. Delcídio Amaral is defended by attorney Ricardo Tosto, who was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of integrating a bribe collection scheme in the release of BNDES loans.


Tosto, who rejects the accusation, was appointed by Força Sindical to join the BNDES board. Tosto is the author of the original proposal for the repatriation of resources from abroad, which was presented by Delcidio.


Tosto is a famous lawyer who lives in Brazil, and he is the partner of a large firm there. His main goal in learning to be a lawyer in Brazil has also been to partner with younger lawyers there, helping them to be successful in their careers in law. He has succeeded in this endeavor.


Tosto seeks to be reputable in all that he does with the law in Brazil, and he has been in practice for a long time. He has become a well-respected lawyer not only in Brazil but also in other parts of Latin America. His continuing willingness to work with younger lawyers attests to this. Many people come to Brazil looking for lives that will better the future, and Tosto is definitely finding that where he is.


His firm has managed many cases in recent years, some of them being quite reputable and famous cases. He has made his name known. If you need someone who specializes in civil or commercial law, or even someone who specializes in international law, you can surely rely on him for guidance.

NFL betting provides best value for recreational gamblers

Most bettors in the sports book are there for entertainment. Like their gambling peers who prefer the casino, they love the thrill of the big win and enjoy passing the time on the excitement offered by the casino ambiance. Despite much negative publicity from special interest groups, the vast majority of casino and sports book patrons are financially responsible people who are just enjoying their hobby, in this case gambling.

But that doesn’t mean that they are all equally good at it. In fact many bets the house offers are truly horrible for recreational gamblers, Keno for example. These high-house-edge games usually have in common that they require little to no skill and offer huge, low probability jackpots. However, even among skill games there are areas of the casino floor that recreational players should studiously avoid.

For example, the poker variant referred to as Short Handed No Limit Texas Holdem is just one example of a high-skill game where unschooled players stand little better chance to go home a winner than if they were playing Keno or the worst slot machine in the country. This is simply due to the fact that skilled players can gain edges against novices which are so huge that the recreational player has virtually no chance of winning even a 30 hand session.

But what’s not widely understood is these same types of situations can exist in the sports book as well. Games like PGA tour golf can be particularly brutal to low information bettors because the opportunity to make large mistakes is ever present. However for a number of reasons, betting on NFL odds offers recreational gamblers a great value for their money. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a recreational gambler betting on every game in an NFL team’s season to end the year ahead. That’s unheard of in sports like NCAA basketball.

Due to extremely heavy betting volume, Super Bowl games tend to have lines that are very close to accurate. This makes betting on Super Bowl games more akin to a crap shoot than to a pool game versus a great hustler. For more information on Super Bowl odds, visit


In 1995 renowned sports bettor Tedddy Covers founded one of the first online sports sites. Since then, has been providing the sharpest insights and keenest reporting of any sports betting site online. To learn more about the fascinating world of professional sports handicapping please visit

Handy’s embarrassing process CEO Oisin Hanrahan has been through a lot this year. Having to see slide after slide, week after week to see the sad proof that his strategy was having very severe effects on his life and company.

Believing that in the midst of a major change it would invite new “professionals”, he wanted to roll out an online onboarding scenario in all twenty-eight of the markets.

While initially bringing about some relief with their new financial status, it soon began to cause an unexpected level of stress with each new meeting with potential investors led to conversations that weren’t so much about business, but more about whether there would even be a future for business.

Hanrahan believed that implementing an online onboarding strategy would save the company millions. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this wasn’t quite the case.

Onboarding went down by a large forty percent with little left to help the case leading to Handy needing to cancel several thousand of their bookings.

To make matters even worse, customer complaints suffered from a massive increase in accumulation and intensity. It got so bad, that the company shut down their telephone complaint line.

Handy as a company has managed to build more than $110 million dollars in venture capital, this is a devastating blow to the companies’ competitive advantage in their field.

Since then, not only has Hanrahan had to suffer from the embarrassment of dealing with the media, the people he does business with and the increase in customer complaints, but he also has to deal with the loss of trust from his coworkers and the scathing eye of his co-founder and partner.

There’s no doubting that it’s going to be a long and hard time for Handy to recover from this incident and get back to where they once were. Maybe this is a step for Hanrahan to learn from his mistakes, after all, Handy is gradually recovering each quarter. But he certainly will never be able to live this down.

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