USHealth Advisors Offers Real Hope

USHealth Advisors is an organization that offers real hope to their employees. In fact, every employee who is hired by USHealth Advisors is immediately inducted into an organization called HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Every Day. The individuals who manage USHealth Advisors also run HOPE. Their motto is that people should not wake up to make money, but people should wake up to help other people. If employees stick to this motto, USHealth Advisors managers believe wealth will come speedily. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

Of course, helping people, just like anything else, must be taught. USHealth Advisors teams up every new employee with a veteran in the company. This veteran not only teaches the new employee the craft, but the veteran teaches the new employee how to help people. This has to do with having a good attitude on the phone and in person, willing to put others first, and more. Every employee who followed this method was successful in less than a year. USHealth Advisors does not solely consider success the amount of money a person is making. USHealth Advisors considers success to be when an employee has peace with his/her family and when he/she knows a career with USHealth Advisors is available forever.

HOPE does not solely exist for employees of USHealth Advisors. HOPE is also a charitable organization. Every year, HOPE disperses over five million dollars to the public. This money goes to things like buying a wounded veteran a home, buying toys for children living in poverty, and helping people organize fundraisers for special causes. Though HOPE provides money, USHealth Advisors employees do the work of going into the world and providing the help. Employees surprise people with checks, they paint homes, and they even surprise entire schools with field trips. USHealth Advisors plans to donate over seven million dollars to the overall community before 2019. Read more:


Leading Network Provider Strives For Extraordinary Customer Service

The Stevie Award is the highest level customer service award that is awarded to service providers and businesses. Does your current network provider have unprofessional customer service that never settles your discrepancies? Securus Technologies is a leading network provider that trains their 12,000+ IT professionals in the highest level of customer service and telecommunications safety. Their mission is technologically advanced solutions that improve the inmate calling network. Securus has partnered with other big names in inmate calling to improve the correctional telecommunications network. Discover reliable services that give you more talk time and better ways to save more money.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features allows inmates to transition to the outside of a correctional facility. They can receive a message from their loved ones, legal counsel, and friends. Inmates have the opportunity to take care of their own business affairs.


Remote Visitation


Remote visitation is a popular video chat features among inmates and their family because it allows them to talk face-to-face over the internet. You pay a one time processing fee and speak to your love ones in a correctional facility over a high definition video with complete control of the sound.


Don’t be fooled by competitor companies that don’t give you every minute that you paid for with dropped calls and an unsecured network. They have even received an certification 1 that has allowed to expand to a global network. Thousands of customers say, they are unable to communicate with their love ones in a correctional facility because of the rising cost. Securus Technologies strives hard to ensure that their clients have a secure network that saves them money.


You’re invited to become a valuable Securus Technologies customer by visiting their exclusive website for more details and promotional offers today.


Early 2018 U.S. Medical Conferences to Include Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. Rod J. Rohrich

To become internationally known in a field requires hard work, dedication and time. Dr. Rohrich will be maintaining this standard in early 2018 as an active participant in three conferences. The 52nd Annual Baker Gordon Educational Symposium will be held in Miami, FL from February 8-10. At this event, notable for its vast number of live surgeries, Dr. Rohrich will be presenting lectures, conducting live surgery, moderating and participating in panel discussions.

Dr. Rohrich will also participate in two meetings in Dallas, TX. The 21st Annual Global Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine Meeting is from February 28 – March 1 where the focus of this meeting is to discuss some of the recent techniques used in the field of cosmetic surgery. It will include a fresh cadaver lab that allows for attendees to practice some of the techniques discussed during the meeting. The 35th Annual Dallas Rhinoplasty Meeting is from March 2 – 3 which focuses on discussing common rhinoplasty problems as well as advances in the field. This event also includes a fresh cadaver lab. Both of these meetings have been organized and chaired by Dr. Rohrich and at both meetings he will be presenting lectures, moderating panel discussions and performing live surgery. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Rohrich’s presence will no doubt greatly enhance the quality of these events. His experience is expansive and his qualifications are difficult to match. Dr. Rohrich is a board certified, Dallas-based Plastic Surgeon who has held various positions in several national medical organizations, which includes being a Past President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has numerous accolades, one of which is being named one of the U.S. News and World Report’s Best Plastic Surgeons. He is currently a Professor of Plastic Surgery and has a clinical practice at UT Southwestern Medical Center.

What Makes USHEALTH Group Inc. Unique and Best Choice for your Cover Plan

USHEALTH Group provides individual health cover plans and add-on products for small entrepreneurs and self- employed persons of the United Nations. Its products consist of dental, fixed indemnity medical, personal health insurances as well as cover for critical illnesses and accidents. The Fort Worth, Texas-based company came into existence in 1982 and provides its services through its agents. Previously known as Ascent Assurance Inc. the firm changed its name to USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2005 March. Through the group insurance firms, over 15 million customers have been served with personal customized plans for over 50 years.

USHEALTH Group treats each customer needs uniquely especially in areas of disease, accident or sickness. They guide their customers to select a cover that best suit their needs through the firm broad portfolio of options. The company provides unique, affordable, flexible and reliable insurance selections. For customers in need of tailored insurance plans unique choice of stated Accident and Sickness/ Disease plans are availed. The client should be in position to meet the costs although they are affordable. It is a firm that commits to meet specific customer requirements and is committed to customer satisfaction.

USHEALTH Group assists its customers in improving their protection through other plans like Accident and Short Term Accident Disability Income. Other options include the Term Life Insurance, Dental and Vision and Income Protector. What sets the firm apart from its competitors is their trustworthy relationship with its customers and keeping their delivery promises.

Through its licensed advisors, USHEALTH Group of companies provides health insurance guidance to its customers. These advisors must meet particular product training and standard accreditations before being approved to represent the firm products. USHEALTH Advisors are globally recognized for business development, inventiveness and customer relation due to the firm personal attention and dedication. These have attracted small business trades, families, individuals to seek insurance needs through the USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group.

There are two fundamental facts that are fully upheld by the USHEALTH subsidiaries. They believe that each customer is unique and assumption that specific choice will serve many is usually not the case. With these truths in mind, the firm has to offer a wide range of options that are affordable and meet the needs of each client. Immediately the client makes their plan choice, the firm provides excellent customer service and claim procedure.

In 2013 USHEALTH Group got recognized among the top 50 North American call center which positions the firm one of the customer service market leader in America. The outstanding customer service delivery has also achieved the company an A+ at the Better Business Bureau. These achievements have earned USHEALTH Group a tremendous reputation in the market. It is an entity that records an average entitlement processing with its compensation being an envy in the insurance sector.



The Academy of Art University is King

The Academy of Art University is one of the most prestigious art schools in the country and for good reason. By 2012, this majorly popular art and design school has quickly become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.


Students who are interested in enrolling at The Academy of Art University have the option of earning an associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degree in their chosen concentration. These options are able to accommodate the personal educational goals of each student which allows them to make the best course selection for their growth.

Convenient online course in many different disciplines are available for those students who have a hectic schedule. The best course of action for students is to schedule a meeting with a university advisor. In addition, picking up a few research materials at the university will give prospective students a very detailed depiction of what enrollment will be like.


If students and professors aren’t already sold on the school’s amazing curriculum, they’ll be excited to note that the University participates in the riveting New York Fashion Week. This amazing event provides a platform for graduates to showcase their works of art to public eye, as well as to influential celebrities. Will all of this talent and dedication, it’s easy to see how the works of graduates are continuously earning prestigious awards and acknowledgements.


In September 2017, The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway show to the delight of many. There were a total of ten recent bachelor’s and master’s graduates who showcased two collaborations, two menswear collections, and five womenswear collections. These looks are beyond fabulous and worth checking out.


The Academy of Art University in California should certainly be at the top of the list for those interested in a career in art and design. There is also at opportunities for students in regards to internships and employment since this university is highly accredited. A degree from the Academy of Art University is sure to provide success within the fashion industry.


How A Brazilian Butt Lift Can Improve Your Self Confidence

Sometimes all of the diet and exercise in the world just seems to fall short, looking in the mirror and unhappy with the results is a common place for many of us to be. There is a stereotype of the ideal body shape and size, while the stereotype may or may not be accurate, we still seem to feel this way.


When the diets and workouts seem to fall short of delivering the desired end result, cosmetic surgery may end up being the answer. Many of us have a generally negative view of cosmetic surgery but in reality much of the practice is used to reconstruct broken parts of people, allowing them to have normal lives where otherwise they would not.


Among the variety of cosmetic procedures, one that is growing in popularity because of the results it delivers is the Brazilian Butt Lift. This cosmetic procedure is designed to provide slightly different results than a standard butt lift.


Butt are generally utilized to reduce sagging skin around the backside, typically after excess weight has been lost. A Brazilian butt lift is designed to offer a more rounded and filled backside, giving full curves to the recipient.


One of the most important things to bear in mind when considering cosmetic surgery is the realistic expectation of your end result. Consulting with your physician and cosmetic surgeon will ensure you have a realistic outlook on what your end results will be and how to maintain them afterword.


Some of the most skilled cosmetic surgeons are offering their services in the Dallas, Texas area. George A. Toledo, M.D. of Highland Park Plastic Surgery is one of the best in the Dallas area. Similarly, Dr. Sam Jejurikar, M.D. is an independent cosmetic surgeon with an extensive education and practical background, always providing the best possible results.


Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer (Sam) Jejurikar

This article is all about a plastic surgeon names Dr. Sameer (Sam) Jejurikar M.D. General biographical information will also be featured. He is best known for being a member of the famous Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute located in Dallas, Texas. Where they focus on cosmetic surgery on the breast, body, face, nose and eyes. It is also important to mention that he is a board-certified plastic surgeon.


Dr. Jejurikar has much experience and received a great amount of training in the practice of plastic surgery. He actually uses it in hope of having his patients achieve the goals they have. He has a personality of sensitivity and warmth which is carried through the mastery and passion of the art he performs.


The doctor really wants to make sure in his job that he helps those who are less fortunate. He has had many opportunities to do this. For example, he has embarked on several medical missions. For example, he goes on annual trip to Bangladesh to help poor children. He does this through his organization of Smile Bangladesh. The doctor practices the full package of plastic surgery. For example, he has weight on many cosmetic surgery procedures like tummy tuck, mommy makeover, and face lifts. Also does microsurgery, hand surgery, and reconstructive surgery he performs.


Now some general information about Dr. Jejurikar. The doctor has affiliations with multiple hospitals in the area like Pine Cree Medical Center and the Dallas Medical Center. Also, his medical degree was from the University of Michigan Medical School. Currently, he has been doing his job for between eleven to twenty years. Also, several types of health insurance are accepted by him. Finally, he is one of nine Plastic surgeons in Pine Creek Medical Center and one of six at the Dallas Medical Center.