Ara Chackerian and His Passion for Medical Solutions Using Diagnostic Imaging

To be a business leader or entrepreneur without Skin in The Game (or the property of paying the price for the mistakes of your ideas and business) is an ethical aberration. One should be made responsible if the ideas or products one is selling in the market end up harming the market. Such idea is one of the central ideas that seem to form the ethics of the entrepreneur and philanthropist Ara Chackerian, and the fact that he’s still in business right now means that he fully lives with this principle.

The San-Francisco Entrepreneur With Passion for Imaging Services

There’s a lot to say about Ara Chackerian as a businessman and as a philanthropist, but one of the many outstanding things we can say about him is the fact that he’s very passionate in making environment-friendly solutions in the field of digital diagnostic imaging services. There’s still a lot to change and improve in how to address the mental health solutions in the industry that involve the use of diagnostic imaging, and that’s why he’s putting his money, skills and time in the pursuit of such remedies. Check out his page.

It’s also noteworthy to highlight here that the abnegation of the people against new technologies and of people with old views are things that Ara respects and heeds but at the same time, he doesn’t allow them to stop his pursuit in the most progressive solutions that he can find for the medical problems that the world faces today.

With his passion for such solutions, he has founded a series of companies that seek to find the ways and methods to address its elements and concerns. The highly successful companies that he’s able to establish remain to be an inspiration to many entrepreneurs to continue and improve the diagnostic imaging techniques that he has unravelled. Visit

The Spread of Awareness

Right now, there’s a lot of demand for solutions that address the modern illnesses of society, which include mental health problems. Because of this passion, Ara is partnering with his partner to spread awareness on how we can access the needed therapies and remedies for such issues using transcranial magnetic simulation.

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Agora Financial – Providing Expertise for Money Management

Knowledge is power. Agora Financial ensures that a person can make an informed decision about investments. A lot of confusion surrounds the dilemma of investing money wisely. Everyone wants to make the best out of his or her finances. In the dusk of one’s career, this becomes more important. This is because significant expenses are encountered along the way as a couple’s children pursue higher education, possibly get married and finally when a person or couple wants to relax and live of earned income as retirement approaches. All this requires a smart investment plan.The challenge of making a sound investment lies in the crucial decision-making process of how, when and where to place hard-earned money. This needs to be done with the aim of not only securing wealth but also multiplying it. An average investor wishes to plan finances but is subjected to a constant influx of information from multiple sources such as from television reports and print articles.

All of these sources offer varied financial advice, and it is difficult to trust any one source. Hiring a broker to manage money is also an unreliable option since some brokers focus on earning commissions more than actual planning. Finally, another huge problem facing a person wanting to invest his or her money is the protection of capital from excessive taxation and governance. Agora Financial provides answers to all these complicated investment problems through its vast array of publications. These take the form of new articles, web-based information, forums and video documentaries. Agora Financial has a wide audience of almost 1 million people who regularly access their publications for advice. Agora Financial disseminates information through its 20 periodicals. These include 42-Day Retirement Plan, AlphaShark Letter, CryptoShark Trader, Kinetic Profits and Weekly Wealth Alert among many others.

Agora Financial was a subdivision of The Agora Inc. and has been in the investment business for several decades. Agora Financial research-based information stands out from other sources because it is unprejudiced and does not receive profits from any news sponsor. Additionally, a lot of hard work goes into the research that the firm provides. Agora Financial representatives visit potential investment zones, as far-reaching as South Africa and Mongolia, to investigate potentially lucrative prospects of these areas. This is done to seek out novel investment ideas for Agora readers, before other investors zone in on them. Agora Financial has forecast market investment trends long before they occur. This had happened in many situations, such as when Agora Financial foretold investors about the impending rise in the value of gold, the looming mortgage crisis in 2004 – before it occurred in 2008 as well as the threatening crisis oil rate hikes.


Finding a career that you love can be hard to do without determination and hard work. Randy Hildebrandt from Texas is someone who has tested and proved this theory quite a few times. His story can inspire many who have wanted to give up on their gold to keep going after what truly resonates with them.

Randy attended A&M University and obtained a degree in business and economics with the hopes of a fruitful career to support him and his family. Shortly after obtaining a degree, Randy found that business and economics just wasn’t for him. He didn’t feel fulfilled pursuing a career in the field and posted his resume online to see what was out there for him.

Randy originally wanted to play baseball like his sports idol Nolan Ryan. He took some time to enjoy the sport but had to eventually leave his team due to an unfortunate shoulder injury. Although his dreams of baseball stardom were dashed, Randy knew there would be opportunities to find fulfillment in his life. It was shortly after posting his resume online that Randy was recruited to seek insurance with a great company. He had a mentor and learned valuable skills to jumpstart his profession. Randy found fulfillment shortly after he joined USHEALTH Advisors as a Satellite Division Leader. Check:

USHEALTH Group does a lot of good in the world and in communities who need their assistance. Helping Other People Everyday, also known as HOPE, is an organization that provides essential items such as clothing, shoes and food to those in need. In addition, HOPE donates homes to those in need and they even volunteered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Passing out food and water to survivors made a huge difference and is still greatly appreciated to this day. As a father, he truly does not want to see any child having to go without and this is motivation for him to continue the work that matters with HOPEKids. Be sure to take a look at the USHEALTH Group website for information on how you can make a difference today! Learn more at about US Health Group.

Jeremy Goldstein: Employment Incentives

Jeremy Goldstein works in the field of law. He is an author and an attorney who focuses on cases concerning corporate governance and executive compensation. Based in New York, he has more than 15 years of experience and has recently spoken out on employment incentives.


Since he has worked with such major corporations as Verizon, and Bank of America, he has garnered an understanding of every aspect of employment incentives. He is especially knowledgeable on the subject of earning per share. He readily shares his perspective on the topic.


Jeremy Goldstein offers the option of compromising on employment incentives to two opposing groups. One group equates incentives with a growth of both a company and its shares. Another group feels it can ruin a business because it turns a blind eye to CEOs potentially misuse their opportunities. Goldstein supports the idea but notes that the two opposing sides should come to a compromise in order to safeguard the growth of a company.


Jeremy Goldstein followed up his high school education with a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cornell University. He next attended the University of Michigan and earned his MA. Finally, he studied at the University of New York, School of Law and secured a JD. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein has since gone on to be employed by several different organizations and firms. This has helped to further his expertise concerning the law. He next worked in a large legal firm that he co-founded. Then, in 2014 he struck out on his own launching his own law firm christened Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. Goldstein provides his services and advice on such issues as executive pay matters to his clients.


Online sources indicate that his experience and expertise in the field of law make him a highly valued lawyer not only in the state of New York but around the world. Because of this, he has been involved with cases in a number of different merger and acquisition deals concerning significantly sized businesses across the globe. For example, he played a big part in the AT&T Corporation and SBC Communications Incorporation deal.


Jeremy Goldstein is also an important individual and member of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee in the American Bar Association. In fact, he works as the chairman of the subcommittee. In legal circles, he is known for his particular prowess in his abilities concerning most matters having to do with corporate governance and executive compensation.


Jeremy Goldstein thinks about more than just his legal career though; he is a philanthropist too. He belongs to the Fountain House organization. Fountain House is a non-profit, charity organization that works to help individuals who are suffering from any type of mental illness.

The commitment of the Ushealth Advisors to success of insurance


Getting through the challenges of developing a successful insurance industry is not an easy task. The current market in the insurance field is very flooded with thousands of insurance companies claiming to be offering the same services. Because of the competition, quality is at stake. Several of these emerging companies are out to make money and to build a good business name. Coming up with policies that would sell in the market is important for the growth of the industry, and in helping people to develop positive reviews about the operations.

The integration of services for the ushealth Advisors

The Ushealth Advisors offer different services based on the requirements of the clients. The company does not focus on the growth of its operations but on the quality of services that are offered to its clients. Ushealth Advisors only offers health insurance to the clients with need. The management of the company assesses the state of the situation then it gives the most appropriate advice based on the conditions that have been diagnosed. There are several departments that deal with various issues, and in the end, the satisfaction of the customers plays the most integral role. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at

A blessing to the family insurance

Families have always had stressful days in the process of work. There are several families with a history of health complications that require maintenance during the healing process. Accidents, unplanned illnesses, and critical conditions have never found better deals in any other place in the United States than Ushealth Advisors. As insurance companies are run away from critical conditions, the Ushealth Advisors take the opportunity to provide their flexible services to the people that need them. Millions of clients have attested to the quality of treatment that the insurance company has given them. There are usually lots of negative reviews on the insurance companies, but Ushealth is among the first companies with the best reviews in the insurance industry. With millions of more clients streaming in, the company is set to improve the face of the insurance industry. Families can now have relief for the expenses of the insurance policies and the medical bills. Learn more:


Shiraz Boghani And Lovely Hotel Options

Shiraz Boghani is among the founders of the highly regarded Splendid Restaurants Group located in the United Kingdom. He works with people such as Nadeem Boghani and Salima Vellani. They’re three individuals who felt the need to set up an F&B (food and beverage) firm that prioritized strong service, A+ branding, dignity and pure innovation.

Shiraz Boghani works as the esteemed Chairman of the Splendid Restaurants Group. People who have heard of him link him to excellent work in hotels of all kinds. He was called the “Hotelier of the Year” by the team members who represent the Asian Business Awards as well. This happened in 2016. Boghani was a cutting-edge presence in the hotel community during the nineties. That’s when he began focusing on limited service branded accommodations all throughout bustling London in England. There honestly weren’t many other professionals who were doing the same thing at that time. Boghani has been part of 25 plus similar projects so far.

Shiraz Boghani is extremely busy with his vital role at Splendid Restaurants Group. He’s in charge of expansion practices at Splendid. He knows exactly what he wants out of the company’s expansion goals. He focuses on numerous crucial enterprises, too. Splendid Restaurant Groups at the moment is in charge of 20 distinctive trading hotels. One noteworthy example is the Hilton London Bankside. This Hilton is home to a total of 292 spacious and modern guest rooms. The group is also in charge of the Holiday Inn Wembley, the Grand Hotel and Spa in York and even the prestigious Conrad London St. James. The Holiday Inn Wembley features 336 guest rooms. The Conrad London St. James, on the other hand, features more than 250 of them.

This assiduous professional knows how luxury hotels in London work. He also has a dazzling and detailed financial services background. Boghani is classified as being a chartered accountant. He’s had that classification since the seventies. He works for another big company that’s not Splendid Hotel Groups as well. He’s Sussex Healthcare’s co-chairman. He even was one of the people who first established it. Sussex Healthcare is a strong care home business that oversees a whopping 24 care residences in Sussex. It has a team that includes 1,100 efficient, capable and organized workers, too.

As a philanthropist, Boghani never ignores the needs of the community members near him. This encourages him to take on all sorts of essential volunteer duties.

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Dr. Mark Holterman is a Great Philanthropist

Dr. Mark Holterman is a household name in the United States. At the moment, he is serving the community as a professor at the prestigious University of Illinois College of Medicine. Mark has been holding this position since 2011, and he has done his best to make a huge impact in the lives of young people around him. Holterman is based in Peoria, and he also works as a pediatric surgeon at several hospitals. His educational background speaks volumes about his successful career. Mark acquired his university at one of the best learning institutions in the world, known as Yale University.

The Doctor is a Multi-tasking Specialist

Apart from being a successful pediatric surgeon and university professor, Mark has managed to author and develop various peer-review articles, presentations, and medical texts. One of the best topics written by the doctor is bariatric surgery that is used to treat severe cases of obesity. According to Mark, the surgery involves the removal of a tiny part of the stomach so that the patient doesn’t eat too much food. Most of the patients who have received this treatment from him have managed to live good lives. Read reviews about his works, check

In his successful career, Dr. Mark Holterman has been working so hard, doing research on new therapies, teaching students, educating people through his articles and performing delicate surgeries. Related article here. Mark is also the chief executive officer of an institution known as Mariam Global Health. Although the doctor has a very busy schedule due to his obligations and duties, he has proven to be a philanthropist who is very passionate about helping sick people in the community. Mark has been supporting many health charities such as IPSAC-VN.   Connect with him here.

In one of the regular press conferences from IPSAC-VN, the organization show cases how Mark Holterman has been supporting many other charity organizations in the society. The primary aim of IPSAC-VN is to offer some of the modern surgical advances to children who are sick. The group has done so well because it has been receiving great support from people such as Mark Holterman. Many young people have received help from the organization since it was founded several years ago.

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How Sheldon Lavin Grew OSI Group Into A Worldwide Company

Sheldon Lavin next expected to end up in the processed food industry but that’s where he eventually found himself regardless. For the first several years of his career he worked in the banking industry as an executive and investor. He had founded his own financial consulting firm where he helped companies get financing. In the mid-1970’s, though, he became a part owner, chairman, and chief executive officer of OSI Group, LLC, in Aurora, Illinois. At the time this was a relatively small company that mostly just supplied McDonald’s Corporation with fresh beef patties. Sheldon Lavin, though, knew the company could be much more than that.

Today he operates OSI International, Inc. which has a number of subsidiaries like OSI Industries, OSI Group, LLC, and others. His company, which he has wholly owned for years, sells processed food to a wide variety of restaurants as well as to grocery stores who sell it as their own brands. They sell far more than beef as they now sell just about every type of protein there is plus vegetables, sauces, marinades, dressings, and more. Their products are used in restaurants and grocery stores throughout the world including the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Sheldon Lavin has built a company that globally employes almost 20,000 people. Because he has created such a family-like atmosphere most employees stay at his company for their entire career. There are good advancement opportunities because his companies tend to hire from within whenever possible. He has said that the most important part of any company that wants to be successful is the people that are working for it.

How Sheldon Lavin came to own OSI Group is that a company named Otto & Sons had come to him to get financing for a new plant that they needed to build in order to provide what McDonald’s was looking for. McDonald’s had told the executives of Otto & Sons to use him because he had done good work for them in the past. Once that deal was completed it was McDonald’s who asked him to join OSI Group (newly named at the time) as its top executive.

Sheldon Lavin expanded OSI Group beyond America in short order. He then expanded into the rest of North America and Europe in the 1970s. In the 1980’s he expanded into Taiwan and South America. In the 1990’s he focused on the rest of Asia.