Deirdre Baggot: An Entrepreneur in Healthcare Reform

Deirdre Baggot is a medical and business professional that has multiple levels of experience in both the business and health care field. Baggot has a Bachelor of Science in nursing, is a Gregory LaVertScholar, earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Chicago’s Loyola University Graduate School of Business, and attended the University of Colorado to earn her Doctor of Philosophy degree. All of this knowledge and the degrees that she has earned has also led her to have a true entrepreneur spirit.

Deirdre Baggot currently holds the position as being an expert that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid used to review innovations that are centered around payment reform and payments that are bundled. She is known as a leader in the industry as being an individual that truly understands how bundled payments should be handled. Under her leadership programs have been implemented that have improved patient care and given patients better outcomes. These improvements have allowed hospitals and doctors to all benefit from the savings attached to that improved patient care level. View to know more.

As an entrepreneur, Deirdre Baggot has received many different awards for her work on bundled payments in the medical field. Medtronic and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, as well as a host of other organizations have often asked Baggot to speak at their conferences. More than twenty papers of been professional published in the areas of healthcare reform and bundled payments. She also often appears on radio and television networks when an expert person is needed in her area of expertise.

Many individuals look toward Baggot as being a strong leader that has characteristics that they desire to also have. When recently asked how she brings ideas to life, Baggot responded by stating that she first researches an idea and then she writes about what she has learned in her research to further clarify her idea. After she has clarified her idea to herself, she then sits down with her team of people to help further her thinking and to expand on the idea that she wants to bring to life. She also has said that it is her passion for healthcare that has helped her be so productive as an entrepreneur. Learn more:


“Life on the Road” Realism thru Collaborative Chainsmoker/Kramer Video

The Instructional Video of “Somebody”

On April 24th The Chainsmokers, Adam Pall and Drew Taggart posted yet another video of their upcoming new single “Somebody.” This time, it was an instructional video, rather than the “Official Video” of the single. The instructional video, showing Taggart and Pall in their home studio working together on the final version of “Somebody.” Just a few days earlier, on April 20, the Official video of the new single “Somebody” showed on their Facebook Page.

Official Video of “Somebody” on Social Media.

  • Facebook Views-1.3M
  • Twitter Views-146K
  • Twitter Retweets-2,275
  • Twitter Likes-7,954
  • YouTube Views-19,778,863M

Billboard Article

The article was written by Kat Bein, contributing reporter for Billboard was published on April 25th. Bein’ post shared another video, which was put together in the Chainsmokers private home studio and put together by Adam Pall and Drew Taggart and was instructional in purpose. Bein’ video either comes from the Facebook post or it was sent to Bein for his post. However, on June 8, The Chainsmokers promised that another video would be out showing the making of the “Somebody” Video, but this one was by @RoryKramer who is a frequent contributor The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, and the Late Swedish EDM Phenom Avicii (8 September 1989 – 20 April 2018).

On June 9th, the promised video on the making of the “Somebody” video was uploaded to the Chainsmokers Twitter account. This was the video filmed and edited by Rory Kramer, who has produced several videos for the Chainsmokers: Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down”,”You Owe Me,”and others.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart, have been producing their own brand of EDM-Pop since 2012. After several chart toppers and landing on the Billboard charts they signed with Disruptor Records, which is a joint venture between their Manager, Adam Alpert and Sony Music Entertainment in 2015. The Duo is on tour. The video for “Somebody” was put together by Rory Kramer and uploaded recently, according to Billboard’ Kat Bein.

Ara Chackerian Talks About The Healthcare Startup Culture

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, investor, and innovator in the healthcare industry. He says that the expansion of the economy over the past decade has led to many startups in this industry. They able to raise a lot of venture capital in order to finance their operations. He says he hasn’t been all that surprised by this growth in his industry and has seen a lot of new players who are both driving innovation at their companies and creating value for those who have invested in them. Some venture capitalists are looking for more mergers and acquisitions activity than has been happening, though, and also want to see more of the firms they have invested in attaining an initial public offering.


Since he became involved in the healthcare industry Ara Chackerian has innovated in a number of ways. He has involved artificial intelligence and robotics in a number of his companies has also revolutionized digital imaging among other things. His two main goals are to help patients attain better outcomes while at the same time figuring out ways for those in medicine to operate their business sides more efficiently. One way he has helped patients is by espousing for technology such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). This is a procedure that helps people who have depression which isn’t being effectively treated by prescriptions and talk therapy. You can visit his Vimeo account.


Ara Chackarian is a 2001 graduate of the Florida State University – College of Business. After graduating he moved to the Bay Area of California and started founding healthcare companies. The first company he founded was BMC Diagnostic right after his college graduation. He is the general partner of a venture investment firm, ASC Capital Holdings, and is also the co-founder of TMS Health Solutions.


Ara has tried to improve the lives of people in a few different countries including Armenia. In 2009 he took a trip with his father to this country where they visited an orphanage. He saw that the children weren’t being prepared to take care of themselves after aging out of the system. To help with this he created the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. You can visit their Facebook page.


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Changes to the World of Medical Insurance

Deirdre Baggot is one of the leading experts when it comes to the business side of medical care. Currently, Baggot is an expert for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, specializing in bundled payments. Prior to that, she was the administrator of a cardiac and vascular center. Recently, she has been doing a lot of writing and analysis of Medicare’s new payment system.

Bundled payments are the new method adopted by Medicare to reimburse providers. This system is designed to streamline the way Medicare works. Before the adoption of bundled payments, each physician received a fee for the services rendered. One example of how inefficient this was can be seen in the way a single surgery might be handled. For that one procedure, Medicare would issue several payments: one to the hospital, one to the surgeon, and one to the anesthesiologist. Read More articles at to learn more.

Under the new bundled payment system, Medicare will issue one payment to cover both the hospital and providers. The bundled payment is based on a rate determined by analyzing similar procedures performed in the past. Bundled payments are much more streamlined for Medicare to administer. They also put an appropriate level pressure on hospitals to provide value for services and minimize the number of extra tests ordered.

Deirdre Baggot’s analysis is colored by her understanding of the medical industry as a whole. She has both a Masters in Nursing and a Masters in Business Administration. She understands that soon, bundled payments won’t just be a feature of Medicare. Once adopted by that large system, smaller insurers will adapt to it, too. They will use the same method of determining a rate and issuing one payment to the system, not providers as individuals.

Deirdre Baggot sees the system of bundled payments as overwhelmingly positive development. She points out that this is an evidence-based measure. All of the studies and research show that this will improve efficiency and likely have a positive impact on the level of care and how it’s delivered. Baggot is a sought-after public speaker on this topic. She is able to explain it clearly and effectively to journalists and medical administrators alike. Check:


Jeunesse Global Leading Skincare and Supplements Company in the United States

Jeunesse is one of the relatively new companies that offer a wide range of cosmetic and youth enhancement products. Launched in 2009, Jeunesse has a long list of products that it aims to share with the people across the globe. The company was started by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who apart from developing futuristic and useful youth enhancement products have also been able to devise direct selling marketing program for the members of the company. It has helped hundreds and thousands of people across the globe in many different countries to get an opportunity to realize their true potential and improve the quality of their life.

With time, the Jeunesse family has been growing, and more and more people are joining the group. It is because the worth of the product and its effectiveness is being realized more people every day. The skin care and supplement products that Jeunesse offer are developed after careful research, and they have a specialized research and development program in place to keep adding more products with time. Some of the products of Jeunesse that are popular among the people are AM & PM Essentials, Luminesce skin care products, NV beauty products line, Zen Bodi, Reserve, M1ND, Finiti, and more. One of the reasons why these products have increasingly become popular among the people is that they are made from natural elements, and no use of synthetic chemicals that can be harmful to the skin or the body is used.

Some of the ingredients used in these skin care products are entirely new to the beauty world and have been added after years of research. It has proven to be highly useful for the users, and most of the buyers have been able to get the results they have been looking for. The pricing of the products is also kept in mind before launching the products to ensure that it is within the affordable range. Jeunesse is one of the fastest growing skin care and cosmetic products companies in the world, and its global family of members and customers is growing at a massive pace.

Brian Torchin’s Notable Advances in Running HCRC Staffing

Brian Torchin is the current President at HCRC Staffing located in Greater Philadelphia Area. The firm specializes in assisting medical industries and legal firms in hiring competent staff from all over the world. Additionally, the firm aims at recruiting permanent employees for the companies to ensure the successful running of their businesses.

HCRC Staffing tops the lists of recruiting and consulting industries within the health and legal sectors. It, therefore, helps in curbing the challenge of shortage of human labor in the markets. Managers in the medical field no longer have to worry about failure to attend to all their patients due to low numbers of skilled practitioners. Visit for more info.

Most importantly, HCRC staffing is experienced in evading competitions and can hence pouch legal and medical staff worldwide within a minimum of three days. They exercise heightened customary capabilities which help in specifying the qualifications they look for in their clients. With this, their systems operate faster making them target confident staff in the corporate world.

One of their most upheld standards is creating relationships that will last between the company and its clients. They get to achieve this through emulation of respectful and ethical relations in the work environment. Their flexibility and consistency in providing quality results for their customers are what keeps plugging into their reputation.

Due to the unmatched leadership skills of Brian Torchin, the company has built trust between them and many companies that they work for in staffing. HCRC gives the people they recruit a wide of positions for them to choose what fits their best qualifications. They include chiropractors, medical doctors in different fields, nurses, physical therapists, dentists, receptionists, office managers, accountants and much more.

Brian Torchin also assists various law courts and legal firms in hiring paralegals, legal administrators, attorneys, office managers, legal secretary, receptionists, legal administrative assistants, office managers and much more. In some of his articles, he advises various employees to avoid ruining their reputations at their job places. He insists that they should learn the habit of keeping time, dressing appropriately, respecting the work schedules and regulations governing the firms at all times. Learn more:


Igor Cornelsen: Using A Successful Mindset And Philosophy About Investing

For Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen, the key to success investing in Brazil or anywhere else in the world is doing adequate research. This helps you to know which stocks to buy, when to buy it and when is the right time to sell. Cornelsen has used this basic philosophy for over 40 years and it has helped to make him one of the top investment advisors in Brazil. Not afraid of hard work, Cornelsen is up early each day studying the international markets and the forces that impact them using primary sources. This enables him to make lucrative investment decisions long before other realize the opportunities exist.

Another important aspect of Cornelsen’s strategy is the rules that he uses to guide his investment activities. He believes in investing as early as possible, investing for the long term, diversifying his investment portfolio and getting rid of losing stocks as quickly as possible. Following those rules has enabled his clients to consistently make profits and built up his reputation as a trustworthy investment advisor. Igor Cornelsen’s decades of experience working in Brazil’s banking and business industries also provides him with unique insight into the direction of the economy which he shares with his clients.

But above all else his mindset, that doing your due diligence is the only way to improve your chances of picking the right stock, is what sets Igor Cornelsen apart. Many other investment advisors listen to commentators as they pontificate about what they think certain companies and markets will do. Cornelsen, on the other hand, studies the social, economic and political climate in the countries where the company is located, looks at its leadership, staff, training and equipment and considers all the other factors that can impact their productivity before giving investment advice.

Igor Cornelsen understands that getting information from unbiased sources like Reuters puts him in a better position to give accurate investment advice. While people run hither and yon looking for investment insight, Igor Cornelsen’s sources, philosophy and mindset have remained the same. And it continues to make money for his clients in markets worldwide.

Valuable Techniques for Press Release Distribution Service You Can Begin to Use Today

The Upside to Press Release Distribution Service

Press release distribution is pretty inexpensive. It can be a useful tool for search engine marketing and business advancement. Best Press Release Distribution Services for 2018 works like the way our favorite TV shows wind up on our community broadcast stations each week. Locate the most suitable budget and stick to each of the above guidelines and you ought to have a very prosperous press release distribution.

Press Release Distribution 25

The Ultimate Press Release Distribution Service Trick

News releases might be a good strategy to advertise your company with minimal or zero investment. When the submitted version is reviewed using an editor, it is going to be posted to the site and distributed via the news release distribution network. Online press releases provide a cost-effective alternative to classic advertising. Most press releases concentrate on significant happenings within a business. Distributing your press release is as comfortable as signing up for a free online service and filling in the required information in as few as five to ten minutes. You may hire a person to write your press release if you’re not too goods with words, or you can do a little researcher and print it yourself. Distributing press releases across the internet is a robust process to notify media professionals about recent news or events concerning your company.

You press release should address their requirements or region of interest. Thus, your statement may be somewhat less inclined to be picked up by mainstream media. Put simply; you can provide a press release to your clients with your very own private label. A You can’t be too creative with your press releases. Today press release writing and submission is getting a standard and efficient means to disseminate keyword helpful information throughout the various search engines.

The Meaning of Press Release Distribution Service

Even if you’ll only use free internet distribution websites, you would like your releases to come across as professionals as possible so avoiding spelling and grammar mistakes is a must. Paid news release distribution sites can vary in price from only a few dollars per month for a membership to fees that are a lot higher. Thus, you must choose merely the best paid and utterly free press release sites for press release submissions. It’s possible for you to used a number of the paid and wholly free press release websites to file your press release. If you need to pay for a press release sites, it is preferable to use one that enables you to entered pictures or videos. Today, you can concentrate on the free and paid high excellent press release sites which in fact have value. If you believe your readers want rich details about your service or product, the lengthier format will do the job well for that.

Life After Press Release Distribution Service

There were lots of news distribution services are available on the internet. The 500-word press release service allows you to include fuller specifics of the announcement which aren’t possible in a conventional 300-word press release. Consequently, it’s your responsibility to select which press release service will do the job best for your brand. Press release distribution services are a fantastic way to boost your release circulation and help it get into the proper hands. To get published, you will have to use an internet press release distribution services. Picking the most suitable press release distribution service is essential to boosting the success rate and internet visibility of your release. Keeping that in mind, here are the best press release distribution services known to create editorial coverage.

Press Release Distribution11

The release oughts to be distributed to markets where readers and potential clients will discover it. You may also spread your press release all on your own. A press release is an excellent means to have the news out about a new product or service business is offering. Your press release goes on their site and if you are fortunate, a few low excellent websites they own. White Label Press Release is among them. White label press releases supply a fantastic opportunity for pr agencies that are wanting to expand their offerings. You might also be interested in knowing what a white label press release is and the way they’re distributed.

Hearsay, Deception and Press Release Distribution Service

Google how to compose a press release in case you have never written a press release before or get expert help. Remember that the chief target of a press release is to give useful info about your organization, goods, services, or industry to the reader. A 500-words press release may also include more quotes from experts and client testimonials.

To boost the likelihood of inclusion by the editors on his news, it is preferable to compose a press release in a given format. 24-7 Press Release is a somewhat superior service if you’re starting up your organization and don’t have lots of capital to spend on a single press release. It isn’t hard to compose a press release that will satisfy the distribution services, but it may take just a little practice before getting it right. A well-produced press release may result in massive media publicity for your business. A lengthier press release enables you to make a multi-part announcement.

Press releases have plenty of advantages, which means a whole lot of individuals submit them. Your press release must stick to a specific format. Publishing an internet press release is a remarkable means of producing brand awareness and boost visitors to your web business site. Publishing it is a fantastic way of creating brand awareness and increase traffic to your online business site.


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Whitney Wolfe Is Finding Success In A Male Dominated Industry

The tech industry, over the years, has been largely dominated by men, but one woman is changing that. Her name is Whitney Wolfe, and she has created a dating app named Bumble that focuses on women being in the spotlight. In the past, she worked as the Vice President and co-founder of Tinder but moved on after dealing with some issues at the company. The unique thing about Bumble is that fact that it allows females to make the first move when it comes to online dating. It is now a top dating app and has 30 million users looking for dates on it.

The interesting thing about the Whitney Wolfe story is the fact that she had no interest in creating another dating app after her Tinder experience. Instead, she was looking to create a female social network where only positivity was allowed. She thought that with all of the negative energy and nastiness that occurs online that she would like to make a place beyond all of that. After being contacted by Andrey Andreev, the founder of Badoo, she changed her mind and decided to go ahead into the dating sector. She now finds herself as a revolutionary who has created an app that is turning the online dating world upside down.

Whitney Wolfe has now grown Bumble into a dating app with 30 million users where 100,000,000 first moves have been made by women. One of the biggest parts of this story is the fact that she has not had to compromise her values to do so. As a young entrepreneur, she has already found the kind of success that older entrepreneurs discover, and she is happy to be in the role of heading up some of the many positive stances she has taken in regards to the events taking place in the world today.

Whitney Wolfe is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Bumble, which is a dating app that allows women to make the first move. She also created Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF, which are two more apps that are related to women making new friends as well as new business connections. She focused on International Studies while attending Southern Methodist University and launched her first business at the young age of 19 years old. Her business savvy and willingness to take risks have paid off hugely for Wolfe, and she continues to expand her businesses, which are continually finding new levels of success.

Whitney Wolfe’s  Social Media: