Robert Ivy Gets Recognized

Robert Ivy was born in Mississippi. The renowned author, writer, and architect went to the University of the South. In this premier education institution, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts where he specialized in English.

His burning desire for architecture saw him proceed to Tulane University where he graduated with a Master of Architecture. While pursuing his postgraduate education, the renowned architect received a lot of recognition from the leadership in the faculty of Architecture. He was starting a journey to be characterized with awards from many entities due to his outstanding job.

Robert Ivy happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects. The organization has been in existence for close to two decades and has been instrumental in molding the architectural profession. Since its inception, the professional group has only been recruiting individuals with unique life and leadership skills to steer its agendas such, Robert Ivy was selected to be its CEO.

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The legendary architect was chosen to lead the group after the retirement of its immediate CEO. During his leadership, he has done a lot to take the group forward by convincing members of the public on the importance of the architectural profession in making the United States a great nation. The charismatic CEO has ensured that architects have followed the strict guidelines regulating the profession in a bid to make the career worth of admiration.

In addition to leading the architectural profession, Robert Ivy is a great author and a commentator of the architectural profession. He has done this job with a lot of dedication throughout his life. It is for this reason that he was honored with Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The organizers of the event praised him for making a lot of contribution to the field of arts. That is not all; his colleagues in the architectural profession have honored him for enhancing in the country. Robert has the designation of Master Architect. This appreciation is given to a few outstanding architects. Furthermore, he has received a lot of recognition due to his creativity n the field of architecture.

OG Juan Perez Gets Treated To An Extravagant Birthday Celebration By JAY Z

OG Juan Perez recently celebrated a birthday, and JAY Z helped him to do so by spending $113,000. It was Juan’s 50th birthday, and along with JAY Z, Roc Nation executives and OG Juan’s wife were in attendance. Their dinner costed around $13,000, and their liquor bill came out to $9,000. The event closed out at the Playroom Nightclub where a large amount of champagne was consumed and $91,000 was spent. The last part of the birthday party that took place at the Playroom Nightclub saw Juan, JAY Z, and some friends the only remaining partygoers.

Many people have referred to the birthday party as a brilliant move by JAY Z. While he did spend plenty of money on the occasion for OG Juan, a lot of it was spent on his own brand of champagne. Basically, most of the money spent went right back into JAY Z’s pocket, and the whole affair has been great for marketing. The amount of money that JAY Z spent was no surprise due to the fact that him and OG Juan have been friends and business partners for a very long time. Many say that Juan and his wife are who really runs most of JAY Z’s business.

OG Juan Perez was born in Harlem and met JAY Z in 1996. The two instantly hit-it-off and have been partners in business ever since. Juan has helped to run studios with JAY Z for many years and opened up different lounges and sports bars together in New York City. Their friendship also revolves around sports in NYC, and many different athletes have come to their nightclubs to pay them a visit. After all of these years, OG Juan and his wife have remained out of the bright lights of fame but continue to work behind the scenes to lift up JAY Z and others, as well.

Guilherme Paulus Has Created One Of The Largest Travel Agencies In Brazil And The World

Guilherme Paulus is a founding partner of CVC, which is a large travel agency and operator that began as a small travel agency in Brazil. He started the company with Carlos Cerchiari in 1972 and has been a large part of its success over the last 45 years. Paulus had earned a business administration degree before his founding of the company, and it helped him to understand many of the details that go along with founding a company. Today, CVC is able to offer a whole lot more than most travel agencies due to the moves that Paulus has made over the years. Visit to learn more.

In 2009, Guilherme Paulus decided to sale a piece of CVC to the Carlyle Group because he figured that the group could help to improve the company in ways that he couldn’t, at the time. This has helped the company to become a multi-billion dollar company that earns $5.2 billion on a yearly basis. On top of this, CVC has plans to open 100 new stores every year and already has a presence in over 400 Brazilian malls. Part of CVC’s efforts have been to open up more locations inside of cities with 60,000 people or less in order to corner the market on a niche area that has not been exploited as of yet.

Guilherme Paulus has always been a believer in being socially responsible in all of his business dealings. He has included his own sense of social responsibility into his business by working with it to support the PIET project. This project is working to train youth to recognize social vulnerability and to act on it when they do. He is also a part of efforts to sponsor the National Project of Professional Initiation in Tourism, which has the goal of increasing interest in entrepreneurship in the travel market.

Guilherme Paulus has been recognized as being the man who has helped to build one of the most well-known tourist companies in Brazil. With over 30,000 partners that exist in the hotel, airlines, and sea and land carrier industries, he has definitely done something special. The French government and other governments have recognized him for his work, and he has been given many different awards in his own country of Brazil.

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Sussex Healthcare Continues to Provide Superior Service by Employing Dedicated Professionals

Sussex Healthcare has been offering senior adults with special care needs in the Sussex area a safe place to live for more than two decades. This organization recently celebrated 25 years of providing senior adults with the type of care designed to meet their specific needs. The facilities found within the Sussex Healthcare network now includes 20 residential living facilities as well as a fully equipped gymnasium that features a full size swimming pool for aquatic therapy. They also have a sub-division that offers comprehensive services in audiology. Sussex Healthcare was founded by Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Mr. Boghani had established a name for himself as a successful business entrepreneur within the arena of hotel management. He was honored in 2016 by receiving the Asian Business Awards Hotelier of the Year.

Mr. Sachedina created a name for himself as a leading dental surgeon after graduating from London’s University School of Dentistry. Along with their newly appointed CEO Amanda Morgan-Taylor, this leadership team oversees all of the services and processes implemented within their healthcare network. As an organization dedicated to providing quality care for its residents, Sussex Healthcare is always looking for qualified personnel. The positions they might be looking to fill could be at any one of their residential facilities, their state-of-the-art gym or even their adult daycare. In addition to open positions for physical therapists, nurses, residential directors and administrators, they also have entry level openings for nursing assistants, laundry personnel and drivers.

When choosing new employees, this company looks for individuals who share in their objective of providing quality care. They also look for employees who are willing to make suggestions on improvements that could better the quality of life for their senior residents. Although Sussex Healthcare looks to hire people who are dedicated and passionate about the services they provide to their residents, they also offer a variety of incentives. In addition to providing employees with free uniforms, free bus rides, paid breaks and reduced rates for accommodations, they also provide bonus pay for weekends and holidays. They also encourage continuing education through their in-house training, nurse apprenticeship options and mentoring programs.

TMS a Focus of Businessman, Philanthropist Ara Chackerian

In a February 2018 piece in the site, business leader and philanthropist Ara Chackerian discussed his latest venture. It is called TMS Health Solutions and its aim is to offer the “third pillar” of psychiatric care in the form of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). In the interview, Chackerian discusses how he met a thought leader in this treatment of depression, Dr. Richard Bermudas, and heard about how difficult it was to offer the treatment. This included insurance issues, finding employees to run machines and running a group practice while working as a clinician.


Chackerian said he believed FDA-approved TMS has the “potential to help thousands” of patients and was eager to lend his experience in the field of building outpatient TMS facilities. Since meeting with Bermudas, seven facilities have been built in the San Francisco Bay area and Sacramento that offer the therapy in 3,000-square-foot buildings that move away from the doctor’s office feel. The idea was to offer an environment that focussed on serenity and relaxation, which Ara says is “particularly important” for patients with psychiatric ailments.


In an article, Ara Chackerian wrote a blog about the stigma he said was associated with suicide despite its prevalence in society. The philanthropist and businessman notes in the blog that there are 45,000 suicides in a year in the United States or about 100 a day, though these instances are “secret” in a sense. He said acknowledgement of depression and the fact that people “don’t know how to react” to suicides plays a part in why there is not the same drive to “cure” conditions that lead to suicide. This is in contrast to efforts to cure cancer or developing diets to prevent heart disease. Ara hope that the suicides of notable figures like Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain will help take away the stigma. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Ara Chackerian served leadership positions in the healthcare services companies and most recently has been an angel investor in early-stage healthcare companies. He serves on the boards of several companies including Pipeline Health Holdings, LLC. Ara holds a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University. Check out for more.