Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade Impressive Career

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade is well-known in Brazil. Many respect him for being the founder and also the chairman of an organization called CAOA. His role in the board of directors gives him a top role where he can offer his advice concerning important issues affecting the company. The respected physician is based in the northern part of the country, and his resume shows that he started his successful career in the year 1979. When he established his company, the businessman decided to purchase his first Ford Landau. Before the car was given to him, the dealer company announced that it was bankrupt, making things difficult for the businessman.

Being the tough investor he was, the Brazilian investor thought about a way he could recover his money, and he asked the company to be passed to him. The organization that was born from the deal is born as CAOA, and he has been working as the chairman since then. The institution changed its name from Ford since then. Six years after taking over the ownership of the organization, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade made this company one of the largest and most successful Ford dealers in Latin America.

Car dealership remains to be a complicated affair for most people in the world. Most people are scared because of the tough regulations that have been set by governments. In the year 1992, the government of Brazil announced that it was going to import some foreign vehicles. Before the end of the year, CAOA was among the top and exclusive importers of the prestigious Renault cars in the country. in less than three years, the organization was doing so well, and it was declared the leader in imported car sales. When Renault brought its offices in Brazil several years ago, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade and his company decided that they were no longer interested in representing it. Their right was also taken back, taking the brand into a difficult position. Things started falling in place when the institution got the rights to import and represent the Subaru brand in Brazil.

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Neurocore is neurological research group that started years ago in Michigan with a group of doctors and PhD’s in science that wanted to see if there were physical differences in the function of the brain according to brain scans in psychological normal patients compared to patients with anxiety, depression, and many other problems that leave people crippled. The results were amazing as it did indeed prove that were differences. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Until this there was no evidence to prove that the brains really worked differently. So pills and therapy were the only options and no one really knew what to do if that didn’t work. But, because the group was able to prove that there are differences the group also was able to develop theoretical brain training programs that could be put to the test to improve the brain function of the person.


After years of developing this they had to put it to the test where they ended up treated hundreds of people for free all of them have improvement on the brain function compared to those without treatment. So with final proof of the fact they could improve brain function through brain training for everyone not just people with normal brain function to begin with but with those that had major problems the group opened up clinics. At the moment their treatment is not covered by insurances but that is something the group is working on as the treatment is very real with real results for the patients. Right now all patients that come to them must pay cash for their treatment but they do have help for those on a low income if medication does not work for them. While private group has clinics they are still looking to expand because there are still few clinics and people from all over the country are getting on the social media asking for this kind of treatment to be available for them. Neurocore sees their treatment as part of the future and expects that as times goes on it will be a normal way to treat people with brain conditions instead of jumping right to medicating them. Read more about Neurocore at

Dherbs Holistic Medicine

Dherbs is an herbal supply company that is privately owned that is based in the United States. Dherbs was founded by A.D. Dolphin in 2004. A.D. Dolphin believes in practicing the ancient civilizations methods when it comes to health and medicine. In today’s language this type of medicine is identified as holistic medicine. Most holistic medicine products incorporate vitamin supplements, detox healings and herbal remedies.

Dherbs is great for society today because the company focuses on ancient healings. In today’s world there are a lot of lead and mercury items that are harming people. In contrast ancient civilizations used many toxic heavy metals but they were still able to live healthy lives. Society has now been able to understand that this was possible due to holistic medicine. One example of helping to detoxify heavy metal today is saunas. It is proven that by altering different factors such as humidity, duration and the temperature to each person’s personal needs the sauna can detoxify these impurities. Learn more about Dherbs at

Dherbs products contain natural herbs and are 100% pure. A famous product is their 20-day full body cleanse. The 20-day cleanse naturally cleans the body and has been proven to improve individual’s immune system, increase energy levels, and helps with weight management. Some ingredients in the 20-day cleanse are Garcinia Fruits, Aloe Vera Leaves, African Mango Seeds, and Tea Leaves. Aloe Vera Leaves helps individual’s health condition overall and improves digestion. Tea Leaves helps with burning body fat and familiarizes the body to important antioxidants. Along with taking Dherbs products the founder A.D. Dolphin also is an advocate for making sure people realize that healthy diets should be incorporated in their everyday routines. It is important that people are cautious of what products they are using and consuming. People should avoid foods, supplements and products that are contaminated and filled with lead and mercury.