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Betsy DeVos and Pure Focus

Betsy DeVos isn’t a person who forgets her word. She’s a person who does anything she can to keep it. Doing good things for the planet has been a lifelong goal for her. She’s been devoting herself to all sorts of positive causes for many years at this point. She’s been active in the charity field. She’s been a philanthropist who has a lot on her plate. Dick DeVos understands exactly how she feels. He understands exactly what motivates her to do the things she does all of the time, too. That’s probably why it makes complete sense that he married her. The Windquest Group businessman is just as organized and determined as she is. They’re a pair with a lot of tenacity to spare. They showcased that quality to their children as they were growing up, too. The Michigan couple appreciates all the things they’ve been given in this life. That’s the reason they try so hard to give things to others they encounter, too. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is an exceptional not-for-profit group that has many people who focus on it. Mrs. DeVos employs the group for donation purposes. Her husband does the same.


Since DeVos is President Donald Trump’s chosen Secretary of Education for the United States, she barely ever has time to rest. She doesn’t seem too interested in pure leisure, however. She’s constantly on the move. She attends charter school events in different locations all around the United States. She’s seen alongside President Trump at meetings of all varieties and sizes. She always has something productive to say, too. People regularly ask her questions that pertain to American educational choice. They routinely ask her questions that relate to educational vouchers and charter schools as well. Charter schools are a topic that her husband appreciates greatly. He created the West Michigan Aviation Academy out of the desire to open young people in Michigan up to the finest educational opportunities. The school devotes itself to youngsters who want to go after careers in air travel. It welcomes students who come from all parts of Michigan.


Betsy DeVos likes to discuss vital topics with President Trump. President Trump gives her his opinions regarding all sorts of modern subjects. He talks about the state of transgendered people in the United States. He talks about educational routes that are on hand for young individuals. DeVos likes to listen.


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