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Boraie Real Estate Development

Boraie Development Group is a real estate company based in New Jersey. Over the past few years, the real estate market in the area has expanded in various ways. Not only have prices increased, but many people have also noticed less inventory to purchase. The leader of Boraie Development Group is Omar Boraie. During his time as CEO, he has done a remarkable job developing the company into what it is today.


Omar Boraie started working in the real estate industry many years ago. He uses his experience to help him with various planning projects. As a real estate agent, he learned what buyers look for when purchasing a home. You can visit for more




Financing Growth


According to one of the most challenging aspects of the housing industry is the capital requirements. Few people understand how stressful it can be to manage a successful business. Boraie Development Group has a strong balance sheet, but there are times when cash flow runs short. Omar Boraie has to continue improving processes within his company to enhance sales and profits.



Future Growth Plans


Boraie Development Group is in an excellent position for the future. Many people are excited about the overall direction of the company. Few people understand all of the challenges that business leaders have to deal with. Boraie Development Group recently landed a major contract for housing construction in the New Brunswick area. This new project will help the company take things to a new level in a short period.


Although Omar Boraie has made plenty of mistakes during his career, he is a passionate business leader who is ready to take his company to new heights. Now is an excellent time for people to work with Boraie Development Group on any construction needs. The company repeatedly receives awards for their quality customer service.