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Bruno Fagali And His Legal Profile

Bruno Fagali is well known for his high profile in the legal profession considering he has a master’s degree in law of the state. He is a Brazilian attorney specialized in administrative law. He is also the founder of the Fagali Advocacy of private lawyers which provides expert service in public laws. He has worked with quite a number of law firms that have led to his undisputed high-profile career. Some of the firms are the Manesco, Ramires, Perez and Serrano and Renault Advogados Associados.

Bruno is also a worker as the Corporate Integrity Manager at the Nova/SB, advertisement firm. During his time as the manager, Bruno created the Corporate Integrity Program and implemented it. He also established the employee ethics Committee and framed a new policy regulating the treatment of employees and the members.

Bruno was among the primary legal officers who concocted the code of conduct which was meant for compelling local companies to develop a legal structure, which is entirely acceptable.


Fagali is known for his expertise in various legal fields such as anti-corruption law, parliamentary law, electoral laws and regulatory law. Fagali is also known for his significant involvement in the ‘cleaning of the Brazilian public contract’ considering the re-known saga of corruption and lack of transparency. He was put as a check during the cleanup campaign due to the high-quality legal solutions that he offered especially in the corporate sector.

Bruno Fagali also worked as a leader in the advertisement industry, where he helped the agency acquire a good number of public contracts which were from the various government departments. Fagali is termed as a very committed fighter against corruption because, in every company that he works for, he applies an effective integrity program that is approved by the General Comptroller of the Union.

Bruno Fagali is responsible for the success of many companies by helping them achieve the ‘pro-etica award’ which enables the company to build its reputation in the public and government as an anti-corruption company. Bruno Fagali is undoubtedly an expert counsel whose legal role in the society in eradicating corruption should be highly appreciated.