Robert Ivy Gets Recognized

Robert Ivy was born in Mississippi. The renowned author, writer, and architect went to the University of the South. In this premier education institution, he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts where he specialized in English.

His burning desire for architecture saw him proceed to Tulane University where he graduated with a Master of Architecture. While pursuing his postgraduate education, the renowned architect received a lot of recognition from the leadership in the faculty of Architecture. He was starting a journey to be characterized with awards from many entities due to his outstanding job.

Robert Ivy happens to be the Chief Executive Officer of The American Institute of Architects. The organization has been in existence for close to two decades and has been instrumental in molding the architectural profession. Since its inception, the professional group has only been recruiting individuals with unique life and leadership skills to steer its agendas such, Robert Ivy was selected to be its CEO.

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The legendary architect was chosen to lead the group after the retirement of its immediate CEO. During his leadership, he has done a lot to take the group forward by convincing members of the public on the importance of the architectural profession in making the United States a great nation. The charismatic CEO has ensured that architects have followed the strict guidelines regulating the profession in a bid to make the career worth of admiration.

In addition to leading the architectural profession, Robert Ivy is a great author and a commentator of the architectural profession. He has done this job with a lot of dedication throughout his life. It is for this reason that he was honored with Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The organizers of the event praised him for making a lot of contribution to the field of arts. That is not all; his colleagues in the architectural profession have honored him for enhancing in the country. Robert has the designation of Master Architect. This appreciation is given to a few outstanding architects. Furthermore, he has received a lot of recognition due to his creativity n the field of architecture.