Texas Bankers Association Commitment to Exploring Opportunities

John Holt graced the 2016 5th Annual Conference of the Texas Bankers Association. The NexBank Capital, Inc., CEO was among the panelists at the conference, which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana. Reinventing community banking was the topic of discussion.

The Texas Bankers Annual Conference is a forum that brings together bank leaders, consultants, and advisers to share ideas on the major opportunities and shortcomings facing community banking. Holt, one of the panelists, was actively involved in the panel discussion in which consultants and participants surveyed opportunities through M&A activities.

An overview of NexBank

NexBank is a leading financial service provider, which provides banking and financial services. The firm serves its clientele through three core businesses including institutional services, commercial and mortgage banking services to large institutions, small businesses, medium markets and real estate investors.

With an estimated asset value of $3.5 billion in June 2016, the firm provides customer-specific services in finance and banking to institutional clients, corporations, and financial institutions. The bank boasts an employee size of over 200 who are excellently trained to offer exceptional services to customers.

NexBank offers mobile banking, personal checking accounts, saving accounts, mortgages, internet banking, treasury management, commercial lending and commercial account checking. Moreover, corporate banking, mergers and acquisitions, customized programs, agency services, investment banking, land advisory services, and syndicated loan services.

NexBank is led by an excellent team who combines industry knowledge and a strong focus to serve their clients. Owing to their expertise, the team has managed to steer the firm to become a leading financial service provider. The chairman, James Dondero ensures that the management is firmly committed to the success of the company.