Construcap: A Successful Brazilian Industry

Construcap, a company in Brazil, was established in 1944 and is one of the top ten successful companies in Brazil. The company provides many different industries and employees around 12,000 men and women. These industries include oil, gas, auto, mining, metals, and infrastructure. The idea of Construcap is based on technology and also the development of protecting the environment. The management of Construcap is deeply committed and respected by all employees and clients, which creates a successful business for the economy of Brazil. The Construcap Business Commitment provides all employees with proper working conditions and personal professionalism.

Along with providing adequate conditions for employees, and providing a facility that focusses on the environment, Construcap also has developed a social and educational program. The main goal of this program is to focus on communities, by providing educational activities and projects, which will help all clients be able to work together. The main concept of this program is geared to residents of communities to Construcap’s construction sites. Employee training also plays a huge factor in the success of Construcap. Construcap conducts an intern program on where all interns will be trained on culture and work related issues involving the business. A trainee program is also offered through the company, where candidates of the program will experience hands on work. The trainee candidate on will have a mentor available to help through out this process.

The Construcap business has been widely successful. It has provided many programs for employees, communities, and proper environmental friendly tactics. Construcap will also continue to grow, as the company is build upon a strong work atmosphere, including the wealth of the Brazil.