Changing Political Financing, End Citizens United PAC

In 2010 the Supreme Court decision in the case Citizens United v. F.EC. was one that completely changed the American election system and its domain. This case determined that it violated constitutional right of the freedom of speech for the government to infringe upon or restrict the right of any nonprofit or for-profit corporations, labor unions and other associations from donating to independent political expenditures.

Shortly after this case an organization was founded with the focus of reforming American election financing. This group is called End Citizens United. The ultimate goal is to have passed a constitutional amendment that reverses the Supreme Court’s ruling in the case Citizens Unites v. F.E.C. which has opened the flood gates for funds of a darker nature to saturate the election system.

End Citizens Unites is a Political Action Group (PAC) that is funded by grassroots donors who are dedicated to the cause of changing the undisclosed spending in the election system and the havoc it has wreaked in the years since the Supreme Court case.


One of the major ways that End Citizens United is moving towards their goal is by financially backing the Democratic candidates that are in favor of a financial reform for elections. While the ultimate goal is to pass a constitutional amendment, the group is still concerned with making changes within the local and state levels.

While it is true that many Republican and Independent voters can see and agree that the spending of undisclosed political money is extremely out of hand, the Republican leadership in Congress is clearly standing in the way of reform and halting the progress towards having the disastrous decision by the Supreme Court overturned.

They are currently working with ballot measure campaigns to help pass laws in the states that are pro-reform as well as raising awareness of the issue of the out of hand money spending that is occurring. One of the greatest assets of the End Citizens United PAC is their grassroots donors. With a firm belief in the power of complete open honesty in political spending they openly display their filings with the FEC.

With the overall goal of changing politics for the better by reversing an awful decision by the Supreme Court, the End Citizens United PAC is clear about its goals and its methods to achieve them, truly practicing what they preach with their openness and honesty.

The PAC End Citizens United is a traditional one in that they cannot receive more than $5,000 from a single donor but that has not stopped them from standing in among the top donor in the Democratic-aligned groups in 2016. Their grassroots donors and their operational transparency has gained them more allies than the giant political cash machines and will continue to strive towards change.