My Favorite Commercials: Beneful Dog Food

I love watching commercials that show happy dogs and their owners. Recently I found a Beneful Dog foods commercial that featured a friendly woman, Becky, and her incredibly cute dog, Einstein. Becky was speaking about the changes she has seen in Einstein since she started feeding him the new Beneful recipe. The number one ingredient in the recipe is beef, and Becky thought that Einstein really enjoyed it. He looked like he enjoyed it! It was cute that Einstein was dressed up in a little tie for his interview. I had to laugh and know more

Another commercial that I laughed along with was one with a shaggy haired dog who was enjoying the grain free Beneful recipe. The commercial gave the dog a voice over, so I felt a little bit like I was watching a kid’s movie. I love imagining that dogs can talk, because it makes me feel like they can express their personalities out loud in a language we can understand! It is so funny to imagine a dog talking out loud while he is eating, and enjoying the “accents” of flavor that he finds in his food (the dog in the commercial tasted hints of pumpkin and blueberry!). He noticed that the food was full of chicken flavor, and also had spinach in it, which he could tell was going to be healthy food for dog! The commercial featured his owner as well, and the two were sitting outside on a deck. The whole commercial was very friendly and sweet!

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