Betsy DeVos: The Fight To Improve Education in the US

Betsy DeVos has been behind education reform for nearly three decades. She dreams that children no matter where they are from or where they live can have access to the best possible education. Mrs. DeVos wants every child to be given the opportunity to live up their potential now and well into their future.This dream manifested when her own children were of school aged and she realized that her children didn’t have to worry about not getting the best possible education because Dick and Betsy Devos were fortunate enough to have the means to achieve this goal for their children. She quickly realized that not every parent was in that position and wanted to help them by working on education reform.Her work has given millions of children opportunities to get a quality education that they might other wise not have had access to.

Betsy Devos and her husband started by supporting Potter’s House Christian School. They started by supporting one student from Potter’s House at a time, but it has grown from there and they are now largely contributing to Porter’s House to help benefit many individuals. Betsy Devos also started a foundation to provide scholarships to low-income families, but she realized quickly that there wss still more to be done.She then began working on education reform in her state of Michigan. In 1993, she helped pass the state of Michigan’s first charter school bill. Betsy also started a political committee called the Great Lakes Education Project. This action committee worked to on charter school expansion across the state of Michigan. Over the next two years, Betsy DeVos decided she wanted to take the succeed they had in Michigan with education reform and use it at a national level.

Thus, American Federation for Children was born and with a ton of hard work has been quite successful in education reform on a nationwide level. They have seen great educational changes in Florida, Louisiana, and Indiana. There is still more work to do and the hard work of great changes in education is on going rough out the rest of the United States. Betsy DeVos is is also looking forward to more schools implementing technology into everyday learning because it can make learning fun therefore very motivating for children. Betsy DeVos also like the idea of parents choosing what kind of education his best for their own child whether it is homeschooled, charter school, public or private in the end it what each parent thinks is best for their child.Betsy DeVos currently serves as the secretary of education for the United States. As the secretary of education for the United States sure will continue to work along side President Donald Trump to improve the quality and opportunities of education for all children.

Classdojo Development Team’s Upgrade to Education receiving Warm Reception


ClassDojo is an education technology application that was founded by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The main reason why the two founders decided to start the application is to initiate ground-up changes in education.


Before they started developing the application, they collected views from teachers and parents concerning the issues they felt were left out by the regular school system. They used the observations to develop ClassDojo. As a result, ClassDojo’s functions have impressed both parents and teachers by allowing them to work together in enhancing a child’s learning.


The main reason why ClassDojo is widely accepted is because it improves the learning process. Teachers and parents can use the application to communicate on important issues concerning a student. The parents are able to keep updated on how their children are faring at school. Unlike in the past, a parent does not have to wait until his or her child is at home to know how school was. Messages sent through the application can be translated into any language.


The ClassDojo development team has been working to make more improvements by adding features that suit the needs of parents, teachers, and students. To sum up, on their effort, Chaudhary and Liam have been soliciting for funds from venture capitalists.


In a recent venture funding, they managed to raise $21million. The round of venture funding was headed by General Catalyst, one of the ClassDojo’s ventures capitalists. New investors like GSV, SignalFire, and Reach Capital joined to support the development of the education technology application.


Hemant Taneja, a senior executive in General Catalyst, disclosed that they were excited by the work that the ClassDojo team was doing. In less than ten years, ClassDojo had grown from an application that was used to build student character to a communication platform that connected parents to the school creating a community working to improve student’s performance.


Taneja further confirmed that the funds they had raised could be used to develop ClassDojo into a social network which served the education sector. Other important features that could be added to the application include those that will enable parents to pay tuition fees and purchase educational materials in the form of a download.


Chaudhary and Liam said that they were working to outdo other educational technology applications from their rivals like Nearpod, Kickboard, and Remind. Already, ClassDojo is the leading application that is downloaded and used in most schools. In the United States, two of every three schools are reported to use the application.