Investment In Brazil – A Brief Overview By Brazil’s Top Investment Banker Igor Cornelsen

Even after the troubled economic situation in the country, Brazilian banks were able to showcase considerable growth in the year 2014. It left many of the global economists confused and wondering as to how these banks made it possible. The two largest banks, namely Itau Unibanco and Banco Bradesco witnessed their stocks market capital growing by one-third in 2014, and this was no easy feat considering the economic situation of the rest of the country and the political turmoil the country was facing.

However, the reputed investment banker and Brazilian economy expert, Igor Cornelsen, said that the key to this achievement was that bank only offered credit to high net worth individuals and enterprises. It ensures risk reduction and the lenders get a sense of security for the future. And, even though the country’s economy is not in the best of state, the fact that it has a lot of growth potential on, is the best biggest country on the continent and world’s eighth largest economy, contributes to the global sentiment that all is not over for Brazil yet.

Igor Cornelsen has a couple of very easy tips for busy investors who are eyeing the Brazilian economy and market for investment. The first tip is to know and acknowledge that the country’s economy is powered by top ten banks, including Citibank Brazil, Banco Bradesco, HSBC, Unibanco, Banco Do Brazil, and others. Igor Cornelsen believes that the appointment of Joaquim Levy as finance minister brings some hope for Brazil as he is expected to make economic reforms, otherwise not expected from populist Brazil’s government.

China is the biggest trading partner of Brazil and also the most dominant competitor regarding exports on Keeping a watch at where China exports and its business partners can help make a better investment and trading strategy for the future. The devaluation of the overvalued ‘Real’ is essential for the Brazil’s economy to get a competitive advantage when trading globally. It would reduce current account deficits and give a balance to the country’ economy at It would help attracting investors from across the globe as well.