Don’t Shop Around For Wireless Services, Choose FreedomPop

Shopping around is always the best way to figure out if someone is paying the best price for a service or if better prices are out there. Not everyone shops around, and this is why many people end up overpaying for their products and services, especially when it comes to cell phone service. Many don’t realize that they’re overpaying for the cell phone service, and some people are paying as much as $100 more per month for unlimited cell phone service, compared to if they were with another company. The best way to avoid being overcharged for cell phone service is by choosing FreedomPop.

When making the choice to switch over to FreedomPop as a cell phone service carrier, there is very little to do to get the service started. Pick a phone, get a sim card, pay for the service, and activate the line. A phone that’s chosen doesn’t have to be one that is sold by FreedomPop but one that works on the FreedomPop network. Since FreedomPop has a lot of different phones that will work with their carrier, it’s possible to bring over almost any kind of phone and still have it perform perfectly on the network. Those who have their iPhones and Android phones should bring them over to FreedomPop.

Purchasing a sim card can be done on the FreedomPop website or with a retailer. Once the sim card is activated and inserted into the phone, then the service can be used. It’s also important to notate that the user must choose the service that they want, especially since there are several services that FreedomPop offers. Those who want unlimited cell phone service have several to choose from, but each service offers unlimited talk, data, and text messages.

The only limited service with the unlimited service is the 4G LTE data, but 3G data is always available afterward. Since the cell phone services that are unlimited start at only $20 per month, a customer can easily save $100 when they make the switch, especially if they were paying $120 or more with a previous service provider. FreedomPop is located all over the country, thanks to Sprint’s network, so there is widespread coverage that‘s available to any and everyone who needs a great service carrier. Although shopping around is a great idea when searching for a wireless provider, reading a FreedomPop review is an even better idea that requires no shopping around.

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