How George Soros Became Conservative Enemy #1

A conversation surrounding the state of politics in America will invariably lead to a discussion on people like George Soros. In 2016 George Soros came back to the front and center stage of American politics in order to become a thorn in the side of Donald Trump’s bombastic, caustic, and violent regime. Trump himself has already asserted a sort of verbal war with George Soros which has only served to embolden the already rampant right wing conspiracies surrounding the legendary billionaire that Soros has become. Let’s take a microscope to America’s political scene at the present in order to see just how George Soros became the greatest boogeyman that the right wing could ever have created and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

For those not in the know, George Soros is one of the most prominent hedge fund managers of all time. In the ’90s he pushed his net worth north of $25 billion by working foreign markets. He has also spent nearly $12 billion of his own money in philanthropic tasks through his Open Society Foundations platform. The OSF has become one of the biggest philanthropic players in the world today having brought funding to grassroots campaigns in every nook and corner of the world. This prevalent wealth and his willingness to spend it has made Soros one of the biggest threats to conservative America — at least if you’d believe the propaganda networks that are committed to turning him into some sort of boogeyman and what George Soros knows.

Michael Vachon is one of the head advisers and spokesman at the Soros Fund Management and as such he has been vocal in defense of Soros himself. Vachon spoke publicly regarding the public vilifying of Soros and he didn’t really hold back. Vachon said, “George Soros first found himself in the crosshairs of the conservative propaganda machine when he publicly expressed opposition to the march to war in Iraq.” This, as it turns out, is one of the defining moments in Soros’ turn from prominent billionaire to prominent progressive and learn more about George Soros. Soros lambasted Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq before going on to support Al Gore and John Kerry in their presidential campaigns. It’s easy now to see how one act could lead to another and how those acts combined could help the rumors start to flow about Soros’ being some sort of existential threat to conservative America. Now the right wing propaganda machine isn’t even trying to be subtle. There are constant conspiracy theories floating around the web that paint Soros as some sort of master villain plotting to grab as much power as possible and more information click here.

The truth is that George Soros is a prominent progressive who was granted a platform with his wealth. Soros is determined to fight for the fundamental rights and beliefs that he has always stood by: social justice, transparent governance, and equality and Follow him at Twitter.

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