NFL betting provides best value for recreational gamblers

Most bettors in the sports book are there for entertainment. Like their gambling peers who prefer the casino, they love the thrill of the big win and enjoy passing the time on the excitement offered by the casino ambiance. Despite much negative publicity from special interest groups, the vast majority of casino and sports book patrons are financially responsible people who are just enjoying their hobby, in this case gambling.

But that doesn’t mean that they are all equally good at it. In fact many bets the house offers are truly horrible for recreational gamblers, Keno for example. These high-house-edge games usually have in common that they require little to no skill and offer huge, low probability jackpots. However, even among skill games there are areas of the casino floor that recreational players should studiously avoid.

For example, the poker variant referred to as Short Handed No Limit Texas Holdem is just one example of a high-skill game where unschooled players stand little better chance to go home a winner than if they were playing Keno or the worst slot machine in the country. This is simply due to the fact that skilled players can gain edges against novices which are so huge that the recreational player has virtually no chance of winning even a 30 hand session.

But what’s not widely understood is these same types of situations can exist in the sports book as well. Games like PGA tour golf can be particularly brutal to low information bettors because the opportunity to make large mistakes is ever present. However for a number of reasons, betting on NFL odds offers recreational gamblers a great value for their money. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a recreational gambler betting on every game in an NFL team’s season to end the year ahead. That’s unheard of in sports like NCAA basketball.

Due to extremely heavy betting volume, Super Bowl games tend to have lines that are very close to accurate. This makes betting on Super Bowl games more akin to a crap shoot than to a pool game versus a great hustler. For more information on Super Bowl odds, visit


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