Waiakea’s Water Bubbles From Hawaiian Volcanoes

Waiakea is not just a bottled water company taking water from some river. Waiakea has a worldly point of view. Its objectives are to have a comprehensive approach to secure safe and sustainable supply of water, adhere to ethical conduct, produce healthy filtered volcanic water, support regional reforestation as a carbon neutral company, and to help the community.

Ryan Emmons, the company’s founder, was raised on the West Coast and the Pacific Ocean. California and Hawaii offered Emmons unusual lifestyles, of which he took advantage. Emmons was a dreamer and wanted to create an impact on society.

He admired the native Hawaiians and their deeply-rooted relationship with the environment. Hawaiians depended on the giving of nature for all their needs. In turn, they felt responsible for protecting and conserving the environment and including its resources.

Emmons wanted to maintain the sustainability of Hawaii’s resources and was impressed that they had taken care of the environment. His mission was to ensure that the people of Africa, had access to clean water and education. Waiakea’s headquarters is located Keaau, Hawaii and was founded by Ryan Emmons in 2012,

Before founding Waiākea, Emmons was involved in clean water NGO’s operating in Sub-Saharan Africa. An NGO is a non-governmental and a nonprofit organization. At this point in his life, Emmons was ready for a commitment, in focusing on improving the environment through conservation.

At the time of Waiakea’s founding, Emmons had only $12,000 for marketing and branding. He needed another approach to marketing or Waiakea would not get off the ground.

Emmons’ mission turned into a reality, and he was wildly successful in transforming the beverage industry through advancing social initiatives which directly led to his launching of Waiakea.

As a result, the interest in Waiakea emerged and became one of the premier bottled water companies in the United States. Emmons’ hard work and a social commitment are broadly recognized. In June 2017, Waiakea was named one of the ten Best Volcanic Water Brands.