Dherbs Holistic Medicine

Dherbs is an herbal supply company that is privately owned that is based in the United States. Dherbs was founded by A.D. Dolphin in 2004. A.D. Dolphin believes in practicing the ancient civilizations methods when it comes to health and medicine. In today’s language this type of medicine is identified as holistic medicine. Most holistic medicine products incorporate vitamin supplements, detox healings and herbal remedies.

Dherbs is great for society today because the company focuses on ancient healings. In today’s world there are a lot of lead and mercury items that are harming people. In contrast ancient civilizations used many toxic heavy metals but they were still able to live healthy lives. Society has now been able to understand that this was possible due to holistic medicine. One example of helping to detoxify heavy metal today is saunas. It is proven that by altering different factors such as humidity, duration and the temperature to each person’s personal needs the sauna can detoxify these impurities. Learn more about Dherbs at

Dherbs products contain natural herbs and are 100% pure. A famous product is their 20-day full body cleanse. The 20-day cleanse naturally cleans the body and has been proven to improve individual’s immune system, increase energy levels, and helps with weight management. Some ingredients in the 20-day cleanse are Garcinia Fruits, Aloe Vera Leaves, African Mango Seeds, and Tea Leaves. Aloe Vera Leaves helps individual’s health condition overall and improves digestion. Tea Leaves helps with burning body fat and familiarizes the body to important antioxidants. Along with taking Dherbs products the founder A.D. Dolphin also is an advocate for making sure people realize that healthy diets should be incorporated in their everyday routines. It is important that people are cautious of what products they are using and consuming. People should avoid foods, supplements and products that are contaminated and filled with lead and mercury.