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Herbalife Nutrition Lets College Students Design Their New Collection

The Fashion Design Institute of Merchandise is a leading an institute that specializes in preparing students for artistic and creative careers. Major corporations hire these students to deliver amazing creative work their companies. The staff at the school are trained and professional. They work extremely hard to make sure their students already to enter the workforce. Because of these traits, Herbalife Nutrition chose the school to create their next collection.


About three million people work as independent distributors for Herbalife Nutrition. These distributors are always in need of the perfect attire when they are meeting with customers and supplying customers with the right products. The Los Angeles based nutrition has created a competitive and successful business model. They are beloved by many because they allow workers to have the freedom to create their work schedule and make a good living selling quality products to people. The company allows customers to be able to get the assistance they need with their fitness and wellness. The company offers weight management programs, personal care products, supplements, and sports nutrition. The company also partners with professional athletes. Because of all of this the company has had staying power since its founding in 1980.


The students competing in this competition were hand selected by staff from the school and Herbalife Nutrition. These fifteen students are majoring in fashion and design related majors. They are seeking exposure and experience with having to develop an entire clothing collection from scratch. The health and fitness company is looking for an activewear collection that will go along with their theme of health and fitness. The independent distributors of the company will be wearing the collection. They are requiring students to prepare a presentation that outlines fabric choices, colors and styles that ultimately present the best health and fitness theme for the independent distributors to wear. The winning designer will have their collection selected and won by the independent distributors. This is a great opportunity for the students. These students are getting the opportunity to create a collection that has the potential to lay the groundwork for their fashion careers. Herbalife Nutrition is proud to be a part of this life-changing opportunity for these students.