How Sussex Healthcare Homes Take Care of the Residents

Sussex Healthcare owns many facilities all over Sussex in South East England. The company was started in 1985 and remains among the most homes of high reputation in Sussex. It began as one home, but due to the uniqueness in care provision and putting quality first in its operations, the company has grown tremendously. Currently, the company comprises of more than 15 homes in its network. Apart from taking care of the old people and those with age-related complications, the company also provides other services. Most of the homes in its system cater to the old people with disorders like dementia, those in need of neurological care, and the ones with PMLD, Periodic Limb Movement Disorders. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Crunchbase.

One of these facilities under the Sussex Healthcare network is Clemsfold House, which is situated in West Sussex approximately three miles from Horsham. This country home caters for aging singles or couples and those who have dementia and the ones in need of general old age care services. The home has skilled nurses who are around all the time. However, doctors visit the house regularly to address all underlying issues concerning the residents. The good thing about the home is that with the capacity of around 30 people, overcrowding cannot be an issue. The residents enjoy the natural scenery of birds owing to the presence of a nearby lake by walking around premises. The residents suffering from the cognitive function are kept busy by the specialized activity programs in the home.

Forest Lodge is another home under Sussex Healthcare adjacent to Uckfield. The facility caters for those who need general care, dementia and the one suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The home caters for the residents in need of all kind of old age needs because the staff is trained to cater for all the necessities. The indoor cognitive activities provided keep those with optimal mental acuity disorder busy. Besides, the residents can do other outdoor activities like gardening to remain busy. Other homes under Sussex Healthcare include Kingsmead care center, Sycamore Lodge, long field Manor, Rapkyns Nursing Home, and upper mead. Others are the Granary, Beechcroft Care Centre, Wood Hurst Lodge, and horn castle house to name but a few.

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