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Igor Cornelsen: Using A Successful Mindset And Philosophy About Investing

For Brazilian investment advisor Igor Cornelsen, the key to success investing in Brazil or anywhere else in the world is doing adequate research. This helps you to know which stocks to buy, when to buy it and when is the right time to sell. Cornelsen has used this basic philosophy for over 40 years and it has helped to make him one of the top investment advisors in Brazil. Not afraid of hard work, Cornelsen is up early each day studying the international markets and the forces that impact them using primary sources. This enables him to make lucrative investment decisions long before other realize the opportunities exist.

Another important aspect of Cornelsen’s strategy is the rules that he uses to guide his investment activities. He believes in investing as early as possible, investing for the long term, diversifying his investment portfolio and getting rid of losing stocks as quickly as possible. Following those rules has enabled his clients to consistently make profits and built up his reputation as a trustworthy investment advisor. Igor Cornelsen’s decades of experience working in Brazil’s banking and business industries also provides him with unique insight into the direction of the economy which he shares with his clients.

But above all else his mindset, that doing your due diligence is the only way to improve your chances of picking the right stock, is what sets Igor Cornelsen apart. Many other investment advisors listen to commentators as they pontificate about what they think certain companies and markets will do. Cornelsen, on the other hand, studies the social, economic and political climate in the countries where the company is located, looks at its leadership, staff, training and equipment and considers all the other factors that can impact their productivity before giving investment advice.

Igor Cornelsen understands that getting information from unbiased sources like Reuters puts him in a better position to give accurate investment advice. While people run hither and yon looking for investment insight, Igor Cornelsen’s sources, philosophy and mindset have remained the same. And it continues to make money for his clients in markets worldwide.