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Is Aloha Construction the Real Deal?

When it comes to home repair services, there are literally hundreds of companies that can handle these projects. If you live in Illinois or Southern Wisconsin, there is only one contracting company that can handle your every need. Aloha Construction, a family-owned and operated business, has been providing extraordinary work throughout this specific area since 2008. This includes the areas of McClean, Washington, Peoria, Lake Zurich and Tazwell. The company has a brilliant resume of success with more than 18,000 completed jobs. This also includes the areas of Cook County, DuPage County, Libertyville, Vernon Hills, Pekin, Morton and Hoffman Estates.

The weather plays a huge role on the exterior of a house. This is where the structure receives the most blunt-force damage. Rain, ice, sleet, wind, heat, debris and snow can cause havoc. Age is also another negative factor, which can ravage the home’s structure. Aloha Construction has a dynamic team of professionals that are well-trained in a wide variety of home repair services. This includes window installation, window repair, door installation, gutter repair, roofing repair, masonry, stucco installation, waterproofing and many more. The company was founded by Dave Farbaky, and it employs up to 250 people. In today’s society, insurance is a must-have for homeowners. Unfortunately, most insurance companies won’t cover specific home improvement services/projects. If it does cover the project, insurance companies tend to not cover the entire project. On the other hand, this contracting company is partnered with Synchrony, a prominent financing company, which helps the homeowner with financing the project. The idea is rather brilliant as all three parties can benefit from doing business together. This is just one of the ways that Aloha Construction stands out amongst the crowd, and it’s one of the ways that separate the company from its competitors. It would be extremely hard trying to find another contractor with this much clout.

If you’re experiencing any damage to your home, the time to act is now. Waiting around will certainly cause more problems if left untreated. Aloha Construction is setting newer trends, and it’s raising the bar even higher than before.