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Jason Hope – The Renaissance Man

Jason Hope is an Arizona based renowned entrepreneur. Along with his entrepreneurship, Jason has built a reputation as a skilled futurist, and has been involved in philanthropic acts on numerous occasions. He also happens to be very passionate about technology and holds a strong dedication to giving back to his State.Jason Hope graduated from Arizona State University where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He then went on to pursue a master’s degree from the college‚Äôs W.P. Carey School of Business. He began his career through creating a mobile communications company. However, his present focal point is philanthropy, biotechnology and funding of entrepreneurial establishments.

Jason is a believer of using his voice to promote the research of anti-aging. He supported this belief by Foundation. SENS is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting and developing ways to address illnesses caused by aging.Mr Hope feels obligated to contribute to the well-being of others and he believes his assets enable him to do so. He holds a strong dedication to giving back to his community and he does so by assisting local organizations. His goal is to see his local community of Arizona prosper. In addition, He supports organizations offering humanitarian aid aimed at improving the future mankind.

With a clear understanding of technology, he puts that knowledge to use by monitoring the industry and devising predictions about the direction the future of technology. Judging from the present technological trends, Jason is convinced that the Internet of Things holds a great power that could be a key factor in the future of modern society.Jason supports and promotes the new generation of entrepreneurs as they venture into the world of technology. He says that young entrepreneurs often have great ideas but no means of turning them into reality and so he provides funding for high school and college students to help jumpstart their ideas waiting to become technological breakthroughs.