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Krishen Iyer Stresses A Personal Touch To Doing Business

There is nothing like the personal touch when it comes to marketing and doing business. Krishen Iyer says that a lot of companies have drifted away from this in the hopes of gaining as much market share as they possibly can. He just thinks that this does not work out the way that those companies hope that it will.


Krishen Iyer is the founder of a company that works in the healthcare insurance, and he has always worked to keep a personal touch to all interactions that his own company has with the customers that they deal with.


There is a shift coming to the use of more digital technologies and away from the way that we used to interact person-to-person. That is so very important when it comes to the way that business is conducted these days. Many people regret the very fact that they are not able to enjoy that person-to-person touch. They don’t like dealing with a faceless screen, and that makes sense. Bringing in a personal touch to things can help set a company apart.


There are few things that are more personal than one’s healthcare. As such, it is nice when the company that one interfaces with is also personal in their touch. To do that, a company has to highlight the importance of that personal touch with every one of their employees. It has to start down the chain like that in order for it to become a part of the overall company culture.


Krishen Iyer wouldn’t say these things if he did not firmly believe in them. He doesn’t just have faith in his views here though, he also has proof via the kind of results that he has been able to get from his own company. Considering that, it is worth taking his words to heart.