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Leading Network Provider Strives For Extraordinary Customer Service

The Stevie Award is the highest level customer service award that is awarded to service providers and businesses. Does your current network provider have unprofessional customer service that never settles your discrepancies? Securus Technologies is a leading network provider that trains their 12,000+ IT professionals in the highest level of customer service and telecommunications safety. Their mission is technologically advanced solutions that improve the inmate calling network. Securus has partnered with other big names in inmate calling to improve the correctional telecommunications network. Discover reliable services that give you more talk time and better ways to save more money.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail features allows inmates to transition to the outside of a correctional facility. They can receive a message from their loved ones, legal counsel, and friends. Inmates have the opportunity to take care of their own business affairs.


Remote Visitation


Remote visitation is a popular video chat features among inmates and their family because it allows them to talk face-to-face over the internet. You pay a one time processing fee and speak to your love ones in a correctional facility over a high definition video with complete control of the sound.


Don’t be fooled by competitor companies that don’t give you every minute that you paid for with dropped calls and an unsecured network. They have even received an certification 1 that has allowed to expand to a global network. Thousands of customers say, they are unable to communicate with their love ones in a correctional facility because of the rising cost. Securus Technologies strives hard to ensure that their clients have a secure network that saves them money.


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