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Lime Crime The Vision Of Doe Deere

Doe Deere
In 2008 a new and exciting cosmetics company was launched, Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere because she was unable to find makeup in bright enough colors to match the clothes she was designing and already selling on Ebay. Starting with what she called Unicorn Lipsticks, Lime Crime became the first cosmetic company to offer radical lip colors to the cosmetics industry.

By 2012 Lime Crime had introduced Velvetines, the liquid to matte lipstick trend that has become very popular with their loyal customers. Doe believes cosmetics should do much more than simply cover imperfections but are a form of freedom and self-expression.

For Doe Deere, it’s about what feels good at the moment not about looking natural or what might look good. Deciding traditional cosmetic companies were not being true to the color she decided to introduce her own cosmetics line.

All Lime Crime cosmetics are cruelty-free, now meeting Vegan standards since 2012 to create lipstick, eye shadows and nail polish that is highly pigmented to create bold and vibrant colors. Lime Crime goes to the extreme to achieve their goal of 100% vegan ingredients, including using synthetic beeswax.

Starting small, with her Ebay clothing line, she soon achieved great success and realized to complete the look she was promoting she would have to make her own lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish. Referring to her customers as Unicorns, every product she develops is with them in mind, in fact, she relies heavily on her Unicorns for inspiration. Being the founder, CEO, and owner of Lime Crime she oversees the product development of any new product.

Born in Russia and raised in New York Doe now lives in Los Angeles where Lime Crime is headquartered. Enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Technology with the intent of studying fashion design and illustration she decided to drop out early and pursue her dream of creating her own clothing line. Being a one person operation she even modeled her own creations.

Along with being a very successful entrepreneur, Doe Deere is an avid supporter of women who want to be in business for themselves. Frequently speaking to women’s groups, she encourages women to find their own voice and pursue their ambitions. She enjoys being a mentor to aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to seek her advice on her Instagram account.

She is very excited about the trend of women buying cosmetics online. Advised when she first started her business, women would not buy lipstick without trying it on, Lime Crime is one of the first cosmetic companies to rely on e-commerce. Doe felt the key to prompting women to buy cosmetics online was how the product was presented. She was the first to show her lipstick colors on actual lips rather on a color swatch, today this has become the industry standard. Lime Crime continues to innovate new ways to make the best interactive shopping experience for makeup lovers around the world.

Doe believes you should always trust your gut, having a lot of information is not always the answer if your gut feeling is strong enough go forward.