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Listen To Badiali As He Breaks Down His View On Freedom Checks

Did you know that there is a link between geology and finance? Well, that is what Matt Badiali has come to realize. Although a scientist in the line of geology, Matt Badiali slowly set his step in finance. However, it was a friend who introduced Matt to the love of finance. He accepted and now, he is the founder and champion of Freedom Checks that are widely known and accepted by Americans.

As a young, energetic and enthusiastic man, Matt Badiali had a burning love for sciences. This is why when he attained the age of higher levels of learning, he joined Penn State University. From here, Matt graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Earth Sciences. Later, he furthered to Florida Atlantic University to attain a Masters Degree on the same. Matt spent a further 5 years in the North Carolina University where he got his Ph.D. Upon his graduation from university with a Ph.D., a friend introduced him to finance. This friend had a passion for finance and thought Matt would also love finance. He was right.

Matt Badiali developed interest very fast and later gained enough experience to start different investment schemes. According to Badiali’s friend, the aim of introducing Matt to finance was to help come up with business ideas that would appeal to American investors. After a long time of trying several successful investments, Matt Badiali was able to start Freedom Checks, a saving strategy that would later turn to be the best saving scheme to thousands of Americans. It was in June 2018, that thousands of Americans who subscribed to Matt’s saving idea thronged to various banks to receive their Freedom Checks paycheck. According to Badiali, the initial payout was $34.6 billion. This amount was what many people had successfully saved for several months.

Recently, Matt was featured in an ad where he was captured holding a check for $114, 287. When people saw the advert, they thought that he was holding a tax refund check that is usually given out by the federal government. But those critics were wrong. Matt Badiali was actually holding a Freedom Checks payment.

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