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Livio Bisterzo And Nutritious Chickpea Puffs

Hippeas are a snack choice that’s becoming increasingly popular in the United States. These snacks, in a nutshell, are organic chickpea puffs. Customers admire these snacks for a variety of diverse reasons. They’re not only organic. They’re also devoid of any gluten. They’re 100 percent vegan. They contain considerable amounts of both protein and fiber as well. If you want to feast on nutritious snacks that include 4 and 3 grams of protein and fiber respectively, you may just want to nosh on Hippeas.

There are quite a few exciting flavor options available to big fans of Hippeas as well. These interesting flavors include “Sriracha Sunrise,” “Far Out Fajita,” “Happenin’ Hickory,” “Pepper Power,” “Maple Haze” and, last but not least, “Vegan White Cheddar.” These flavors appeal to people with all types of taste buds. Sriracha Sunrise has an exotic taste that’s suitable for people who appreciate spicy Thai cuisine. This flavor is also great for folks who love paprika and jalapeno. Maple Haze, on the other hand, is suitable for individuals who are fond of the amazingly sweet flavor of classic maple syrup. Although the Maple Haze puffs feature strong maple flavoring, they also have hints of savory.

Livio Bisterzo is the devoted entrepreneur who is behind the introduction of Hippeas. That’s because he’s the businessperson who is the head of Green Park Brands Inc. He’s a well-known Los Angeles, California-based professional who used to work for both Alvaro Group and Little Miracle Drinks. He worked for Alvaro Group between the years of 2006 and 2012. He worked for Little Miracle Drinks between the years of 2011 and 2014.

Livio Bisterzo is an alumnus of the University of Arts London. He graduated from the institution in 2002. He began his studies there three years earlier in 1999. Bisterzo speaks English and Italian well. Some examples of his other abilities and knowledge areas are marketing methods, cosmetics, brand development, retail, product development, promotions, merchandising and brand management. Bisterzo is more than well-versed in a range of diverse topics. He can talk to other professionals about personal care, marketing communications, advertising, management and much more.

Livio Bisterzo hails originally from Italy. He’s a Los Angeles resident who is married. He has three children with his wife as well. Marketing has always been a significant focal point in his life. That’s why the determined entrepreneur made the important decision to introduce Hippeas to the world.

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