McDonalds Started And Succeeded With Meat From The OSI Group

OSI Group has more than 64 facilities located in more than 16 countries. It is a privately owned American holding company consisting of meat processors. They are dedicated to meeting the needs of the food and retail services industries. OSI group’s International Headquarters is located in Aurora, Illinois. OSI Group McDonalds was with the fast food chain from the beginning.

Otto Kolschowsky
It was 1909 when a family meat market was opened by Otto Kolschowsky. A German immigrant, Kolschowsky started his business in Oak Park, Illinois. The business was relocated to another Chicago suburb called Maywood in 1917. This is when the business grew and went into the wholesale meat trade. In 1928, the business changed its name to Otto & Sons. At this time, Otto & Sons had a reputation in the local area for providing quality meats.

OSI Group McDonalds
The first of many McDonald’s restaurants opened for business at Des Plaines, Illinois in 1955. Ray Kroc started the restaurant and trusted Otto & sons to supply them with fresh ground beef patties. In the 1960s, preserving fresh food using Cryogenic food processing involving liquid nitrogen freezing became standard. It was during this time Otto & Sons was given the job of being one of McDonalds four suppliers of meat.

High Volume Meat Plant
Using liquid nitrogen freezing tunnels, and a patty-forming machine specifically designed for the task, Otto & Sons was able to open its initial high volume meat plant in 1973. The plant was located in West Chicago. During this time, it created a separate unit for all the businesses it supplied meat for that weren’t OSI Group McDonalds. This unit was named Glenmark. The company changed its name in 1975 to OSI Industries. In 2011, Glenmark was purchased by Best Chicago Meat Co.

During the past years, OSI Group has been given several different awards. They have received them for environmental management, management of safety, health risks and more. In 2016, OSI Group was recognized by the British Safety Council (BSC) and given the Globe of Honor. It was also given an International Safety Award by BSC in 2018.

OSI Group is listed as 58th of the largest private companies in the United States. Its annual revenue is estimated to be over $2.9 billion. The products the company offers include poultry, meat patties, pork, bacon, pizza, hot dogs and more.

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