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Ricardo Tosto

Delcídio Amaral negotiated the silence of Nestor Cerveró with lawyer Edson Ribeiro, arrested this morning. Delcídio Amaral is defended by attorney Ricardo Tosto, who was arrested in 2008 on suspicion of integrating a bribe collection scheme in the release of BNDES loans.


Tosto, who rejects the accusation, was appointed by Força Sindical to join the BNDES board. Tosto is the author of the original proposal for the repatriation of resources from abroad, which was presented by Delcidio.


Tosto is a famous lawyer who lives in Brazil, and he is the partner of a large firm there. His main goal in learning to be a lawyer in Brazil has also been to partner with younger lawyers there, helping them to be successful in their careers in law. He has succeeded in this endeavor.


Tosto seeks to be reputable in all that he does with the law in Brazil, and he has been in practice for a long time. He has become a well-respected lawyer not only in Brazil but also in other parts of Latin America. His continuing willingness to work with younger lawyers attests to this. Many people come to Brazil looking for lives that will better the future, and Tosto is definitely finding that where he is.


His firm has managed many cases in recent years, some of them being quite reputable and famous cases. He has made his name known. If you need someone who specializes in civil or commercial law, or even someone who specializes in international law, you can surely rely on him for guidance.