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Sussex Healthcare With Shafik

Have you ever made a place for you to go when you get older? Have you made a decision on the treatment or the way you want to be treated when you become older?

Sussex healthcare is the best place for those who are older to go to in England. Now that they have the best person to work with them and make sure that the Healthcare facility is being watched over. This makes sure that the employees being hired are only the best out there. This makes sure that the people being hired have the experience that is needed to care for the people that are living in the home. Shafik Sachedina works hard to make sure that the employees are being trained and understand what they are doing. This makes sure that they know how to handle the patients when they act up. The patients get one on one treatment in this home but they also get to work in groups as well. The home works with those who are older, those who have dementia, those who have mental disabilities. They make sure that they have skills an older person should have while they continue to understand the skills that they have already learned.

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Shafik worked hard to get where he is today and understands that there is more for his to do in this career field. Shafik worked hard in this career for over 20 years and has always been in the leadership roles which is why he likes to own this healthcare facility. He works hard in what he does and understand that this is hard not only for the patients but for their families as well which is why he provides comfort for those who are older. When he works with the patients he knows that he is working beside the family as well which is something that he does with pride. This is another reason why she makes sure his patients have the best care takers. Those who have patience and understand these older people that they are working with don’t understand what they are doing due to the mental disabilities. This dental surgeon works with these older people because he finds joy in what he does and he likes to give back to those who are older. He worked to get where he is today and went to school to understand more about leadership roles.

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