“Life on the Road” Realism thru Collaborative Chainsmoker/Kramer Video

The Instructional Video of “Somebody”

On April 24th The Chainsmokers, Adam Pall and Drew Taggart posted yet another video of their upcoming new single “Somebody.” This time, it was an instructional video, rather than the “Official Video” of the single. The instructional video, showing Taggart and Pall in their home studio working together on the final version of “Somebody.” Just a few days earlier, on April 20, the Official video of the new single “Somebody” showed on their Facebook Page.

Official Video of “Somebody” on Social Media.

  • Facebook Views-1.3M
  • Twitter Views-146K
  • Twitter Retweets-2,275
  • Twitter Likes-7,954
  • YouTube Views-19,778,863M

Billboard Article

The article was written by Kat Bein, contributing reporter for Billboard was published on April 25th. Bein’ post shared another video, which was put together in the Chainsmokers private home studio and put together by Adam Pall and Drew Taggart and was instructional in purpose. Bein’ video either comes from the Facebook post or it was sent to Bein for his post. However, on June 8, The Chainsmokers promised that another video would be out showing the making of the “Somebody” Video, but this one was by @RoryKramer who is a frequent contributor The Chainsmokers, Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, and the Late Swedish EDM Phenom Avicii (8 September 1989 – 20 April 2018).

On June 9th, the promised video on the making of the “Somebody” video was uploaded to the Chainsmokers Twitter account. This was the video filmed and edited by Rory Kramer, who has produced several videos for the Chainsmokers: Closer,” “Don’t Let Me Down”,”You Owe Me,”and others.

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers, Adam Pall and Andrew Taggart, have been producing their own brand of EDM-Pop since 2012. After several chart toppers and landing on the Billboard charts they signed with Disruptor Records, which is a joint venture between their Manager, Adam Alpert and Sony Music Entertainment in 2015. The Duo is on tour. The video for “Somebody” was put together by Rory Kramer and uploaded recently, according to Billboard’ Kat Bein.


The Story of Alex Pall in the Music Industry

Alex Pall narrates how he got into his venture in singing. He grew up deejaying as part of his hobby. He had very little to do regarding career and so deejaying was the option left for him in New York. It was more of a side job for him, which he did with so much passion. During this time, Alex Pall realized that the dance music was something he admires more and so he thought of trying it. He talked over the issue under the manager working with him currently. The manager introduced him to Drew. That is how the partnership with Drew was birthed. They met and began working together. Drew is his colleague in the same band called Chainsmokers. Pall explains how their friendship progressed and became more fruitful to date. He says that what made it more fulfilling was the fact that they both knew what they have on the table and what they want. They talked about what they would like in music as well as what they already did grew up knowing. They were very ambitious from the start. They keenly observed what was happening in their surrounding analyzing what worked well and what did not work. This was an essential phase of trying to build and shape their identity. Pall was a deejay expert, and on the other hand, Drew was a talented producer.

They continued their relationship working on music every single day. They were trying to create an identity of their own. Pall and his friend were committed to learning, and with time, they found out how similar their core values were. They knew that they did not have a job and so they pushed harder to pay bills and have a good life from it. He points out that their music is unique because they relate to it deeply. Alex Pall insists and clarifies that they sing songs that they have experienced. For them, it is not about seeking a songwriter. It is more of their lyrics. He admits that they work with songwriters, but they ensure they write the songs on their own. The words speak their real-life issues, and that helps people to identify with them. They are proud to work with the famous artist, Halsey.