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Uncompromise Legal Profession Of Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is an attorney from Brazil and founder of Fagali Advocacy. Many people know him as a person of high professionalism and integrity in legal services. Bruno Fagali is a specialized attorney and has many experiences in both Public and Anti-Corruption Law. He has handled many cases on administrative contracts, civil liability processes, bidding law, urban law, regulatory law, improbity actions, expropriation actions, popular actions and much more.

Many various corruption activities surround public funds. Bruno Fagali has striven to initiate many actions in trying to clean up the system. These actions comprise of integrity drives to firms and departments that mainly get government contracts. Few corruption scandals are happening recently, and this is the main reason why he is gaining much attention from government and the general public.


His law firm, Fagali Advocacy focus mainly on public law, anti-corruption, and compliance election. Bruno Fagali considered these three main factors as means of social equality. Additionally, he is working with nova/sb as a Senior Corporate Integrity Manager. Nova/sb is a popular advertising company in Brazil that get contracts about advertisements campaigns in both international organizations and government. He helped the firm to organize ethics committee and initiate equal treatment to employees and members.

During early careers of Bruno Fagali, he worked as an intern in a couple of firms as an attorney. The companies include Calil, Radi and Associados advocacy. About his educational background, Bruno Fagali attended the Pontifical Catholic University of San Paulo and graduated with Bachelor’s degree in law. Bruno Fagali is also a member of Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law, Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and Corporate Ethics. Bruno Fagali is significantly treasured in Brazil for his big extent of legal knowledge and broad-reaching pertaining all issues about the law.

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